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If you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis I bet you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The right diet can be a game changer for most that are struggling with Hashi’s.

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Hello, my name is Tracy Gowler.

I own Your Health Made Simple™

I have a certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and I have spent over half of my life in Project Management.

On top of that, I am a health nut.  I can’t absorb enough information to help myself and my clients.

What I do is my passion. 

I help sick and exhausted women over 40 with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease take back their lives and become a Hashimoto’s Badass.

Your Health Made Simple was born from my own story.

I was a sick and exhausted woman for years and in my search to help myself, I found the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program certification.

It focuses on the supporting the whole body so that the body can heal itself.

While I was studying for my certification, I put myself through the program.  It was everything I needed to regain my energy and take my life back.

Realizing there is over 30 million people out there with Hashimoto’s, 80% of those being women, I knew I had to share everything I had learned with all of you.

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

It is the last piece of the puzzle for many women with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis who have tried so many things and not had great success feeling better or taking back their lives.

FDN starts with the basics, improving the foundation of your health which is your lifestyle factors.

Once your body is being supported the right way,  we can test to determine what systems in your body are contributing to your illness so support can be provided, allowing your body to heal further.

How did you get Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?

It is an autoimmune disease, and autoimmune diseases happen when you have a perfect storm of 3 things going on in your body.

1. Genetics – your body has a weak link and when you get sick, this is where the dysfunction will manifest.

With Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, your weak link is the thyroid.

However, it isn’t your thyroid that is the issue.  But your thyroid is what your immune system is attacking

2. Leaky gut – Some doctors are going to tell you there is no such thing, but there is.

It is also referred to as intestinal permeability.  It happens because of many, many things.

3. Triggers – the list is long, but I have listed some of the main ones.


Poor food choices

Antibiotics – not they are bad, but they do affect the health of your gut

Toxicity – chemical, environmental, metal

Hormone imbalance

Parasitic, bacterial, viral infections

Basically your stressful life and all the things you are exposed to.

How does Your Health Made Simple improve the way you are living with Hashimoto’s?

We start with a very strong focus on improving your lifestyle factors using DRESS for Health Success™ because they are the foundation of your health.

If lifestyle factors aren’t done right, nothing else that you do will matter. 

By focusing here, we support the healing of the gut, getting the right nutrients into your body so your energy improves and then we dive further into your

specific triggers so that you can really take back your quality of life and become a Hashimoto’s Badass.

What makes me different from other programs?

First of all.  I make myself available to my clients.  You don’t have to go through this program without actually talking to me.

I lead the weekly support groups where you get to ask your questions and get the support you need.

I know that many times you feel that you are on an island.  You are so sick, but you don’t look sick.

And you struggle so hard to get the support you need.

I am your support while you are on your healing journey, so you don’t have to feel alone.

Second,  I have taken everything that I have learned in my own healing journey, my FDN education, my engineering degree, and project management skills and

put together a very comprehensive healing program that is broken into 4 phases.

I understand how exhausted you are because I was you.  Being that exhausted means your focus, attention, and energy is limited.

The healing process must be done in bite sized pieces so that you will stick with the healing process.

I don’t want you getting too overwhelmed.

Breaking the healing process into 4 Phases allows you to take it slower which means you can realize the benefit of small wins that are achieved as you help your body help you heal.

It also increases your chance of success.

Third, I give you everything you need in the form of resources, videos, and support groups to help you be successful.

I know how hard you fight every day just to get through your day and I have laid out the programs keeping this in mind.  One step at a time.

Fourth.  Every client is a little bit different and during your healing process we may run into something I don’t know.

I don’t pretend to know everything, but I have incredible resources and I will find out what is needed to help you.

Fifth. My engineering background has taught me how to trouble shoot issues, how to evaluate a problem and solve for real solutions.

I do not play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

That is a waste of your time and money.

Sixth. It is your health.  You know your body better than anyone else.

As we move into managing your Triggers, I will give you my recommendations but you have the final say on our approach to testing and supplements.

Lastly.  I will come into your home.  Not literally, but I will become the voice in your head when you are making decisions for your health especially once you begin to see your energy improve.

This provides accountability which will also increase your chances of success.

My goal as you make it through my programs is that you absolutely understand what is required to keep yourself healthy living your best life.

Now that you know what I do, what next?

There are several things you can do.  

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I offer free Vitality Breakthrough Sessions. Why? Because you aren’t going to decide to work through my program unless you believe I know what I’m talking about. You want someone that has been in your shoes and pulled herself out. You want to know it wasn’t a fluke. And the last thing you are going to want to do is play a game of pin the tail on the donkey. You’ve been doing that for years in the medical community. You are going to want to understand what the possibilities are and what it is going to take. I get it.

And I’m going to want to know that you are ready to do what it takes to take back your quality of life. Because let’s face it, there is absolutely no point in you wasting anymore of your money until you are ready.

So, we talk for an hour and it costs you nothing. I want you to feel comfortable with me and me with you. From there you decide on what your next steps are.

How does that sound to you?

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