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What is Your Health Made Simple?

Before I explain what this company is, let's talk about two things.

First There is much to be said on the subject of health.

Particularly Hashimoto’s.  If you are a working mom, exhausted, burning the candle at both ends, lack of energy, sleep issues, and getting worse with no good answers – I am your girl.  I have been in your shoes and you are who I have modeled my business around.  Your Health Made Simple is in this business to help you take your life back. 

Second.  Why are you on this page? 

Well, I know you have tried everything you can to find an answer to your deteriorating health.  You are frustrated beyond imagination and don’t really know where to turn.  Somehow you have ended up here.  And I’m thankful because our goal is to help you with the answers that took me soooo long to find. 

There really are answers.  For some they are simple, for others it will be more of a journey to peel back that onion to get to the nitty gritty but that is what Your Health Made Simple was created for.  Your Health Made Simple provides the Three C’s for Health.  Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting.  We Understand Hashimoto’s and we provide a very different approach to health improvement.  The approach is from a whole body perspective, with the understanding that all systems within the body support and rely on each other.  They symptoms that you experience may not actually be specific to the place that the dysfunction started.  Treating the symptoms may offer relief but it will not get to the nitty-gritty your disease.  And, this is likely why you are struggling to see your issues truly resolved. 

You are likely asking yourself, can you truly improve the way you feel right now? 

The answer to that is YES, you can.   It is going to take some work on your part but to be honest; you wouldn’t be here if your current quality of life was wonderful. 

So What Next?

That is really up to you.  I highly recommend you sign up for the free E-book on the 5 Steps to Get You Started After a Hashimoto’s Diagnosis and while you are at it, sign up for my email list. I do release blogs on a regular basis with good information to support you with your Hashimoto’s journey. 

If you are ready to change your health right now, just click on the button below.  It will take you to a One-on-One chat request form.  Just fill it out and we will get back to you.  Can’t wait to chat with you!!!!

Want to Know More?

Schedule a Vitality Breakthrough Session with us to learn the ins and outs of your health

Your Health Made Simple

  • We understand everyone is different
  • We rely on lab tests to discover your hidden stressors
  • We utilize questionnaires to help confirm your test results
  • We put together a plan of action using DRESS for Health Success ®
  • We coach up your health while coaching down your hidden stressors

Ready to have a Vitality Breakthrough Session?

You’ve made it this far down my page, are you interested in sharing your Hashimoto’s story? Would you like to talk about what you have done, what is working for you and what isn’t working for you.  I would love to hear more about that and maybe give you some ideas about the different programs that we offer and how they can help you take your health back, to learn to live with Hashimoto’s in a manner that makes life so much easier.

If this interests you, click on the button below, fill out the registration page, we will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule a 20 min introduction call with me. 


Quick Win – Is this what you want for your health?

Love the picture.  Doesn’t it just make your mouth water?  It does mine.  I miss me some pancakes smothered with some sugary fruit substance, covered in whipped cream.  But, is this what you want for your health?  I don’t either but i do still miss it. I realized several years ago that being angry about what I couldn’t have anymore wasn’t serving me at all  I turned that frown upside down.  I had to.  Otherwise

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Where Are You on the Priority List?

I already know the answer to this question. For most of us women anyway.  Where are you on the priority list when it comes to your family, to your job, to your friends, etc. etc.? Let me ask you this question another way. Do you feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself when you are tired?  How about when you want a night off from running the kids around to all of their

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Life After Autoimmune

What is life after autoimmune?  I’m not sure if you saw my post on FB this weekend to wish me good luck in the tournament.  If you read that and you are in the throws of autoimmune or in the middle of an autoimmune storm, you are probably wondering how in the hell can you ever participate in a sports tournament?  How in the hell could I ever participate in a sports tournament? There really

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autoimmune disease

Quick Win – Eating Out and Eating Clean

Just a quick reminder this week that eating out and eating clean doesn’t have to be anxiety ridden, or crazy difficult. It requires a couple of things. 1. Know what you will and will not compromise on. Gluten free and Dairy free are essential for me when eating out. I know controlling the sugar content may not be as easy, especially in the salad dressings. 2. Do your homework – find a restaurant that is

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The Scoop on Poop

Crazy title?  Maybe for you.  Not for me. There isn’t a week, sometimes a day that goes by that I don’t discuss the scoop on poop.  Haha.  Gross, yes but the reality is you can’t get away from it.  Health and poop go hand in hand. Why is that?  Well, even if you don’t like talking about it, it is a necessary bodily function.  You can’t get away from it.  And it is the final

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Pity Parties and Autoimmune

Is it ok to use pity parties and autoimmune in the same sentence?  Hell yes!!! I know you because my clients are like me.  We are go-getters, over achievers and we don’t sit down for a lot of bullshit.  We are fiercely independent, and we rarely take “No” for an answer.  There is always a way.  Part of the reason we are in our current predicament for sure. We put everyone else’s needs before our

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