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By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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It is the last day of 2018.  I’m contemplating resolutions while I sit here and write this very last post of the year.  It is blustering and not even a remotely nice day.  The weather is like living with autoimmune and poor health.  You have great days and crappy days.  Fortunately, in Colorado, the majority of the days are great days.  Living at the base of the Rocky Mountains brings a peace that is hard to get other places.  Except maybe on a lake where you fall asleep listening to the sound of the loons.  That would be great also.

I reflect a lot. 

Not intentional, it is just part of who I am at my core.  But writing this post on the last day of the year has got me reflecting a little more than usual.  So, I’m going with it.

Most of you know I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. 

I prefer to try to live my best life always.  I am in a constant state of evaluation and always working on something that can be improved.  Not for the sake of change.  It is the Law of the Lid as my wonderful trainer, Marisa Wandeler, puts it.  I can only help my clients to the point that I hit my own lid.  So, I have to raise the lid.

And, I feel there is always room to be a better person.  My philosophy is that we are here for two things.  We have a purpose that we have to discover and fulfill.  And love.  Love makes the world go around.  When it comes to what I can provide, my focus is always in these areas as much as possible.

I also feel that with the constant focus, I don’t really set myself up for failure with resolutions.  A resolution is a temporary focus.  I would not succeed at that.  To live my best life, I need to have the focus part of every day.

My goal is to have a business that serves my clients in the best way possible. 

That educates you, guides you, helps you be successful in taking back your quality of life.  I am in the process of interviewing several people to determine how I can better serve you.  Once I get through with all of the work, I expect there will be some changes coming this year, but I don’t know what they are yet.  I will keep you posted on the progress.  There will be changes coming.

As another goal, I am also embarking on spreading the word that life doesn’t have to suck with autoimmune.  You can get your quality of life back and there are answers.  I am actively looking for avenues to spread the word that you don’t have to live like this one more day.  I have come across some very interesting avenues.  I will keep you posted on these as well.

I do have some questions for you. 

Are you heading into 2019 the same way you head into every year or are you going to make 2019 your best yet?

What is your big goal or dream that you have put on a shelf and tucked away and forgotten about?

What aren’t you doing because maybe it is too much work, so you just sit with your life, unfulfilled and living the mundane day in and day out?  Or, living with not so optimal health?

Are you not committing to what is needed because you aren’t willing to do the work?

If reading those questions makes you the least bit uncomfortable, maybe it is time to consider what small or big changes you can make in the direction of your best life.  Define what you really want for your life and take small actions to move in that direction.  Just always be in action to that big goal.

So, rather than making empty resolutions, commit to a change.  Small changes added up result in a very big change over time.  And guess what, you are worth it.  What you have to offer to yourself and your loved ones is important.  What you have to offer to others is important.  You are here for a reason so get on that and start the first day of your best life with a bang.

Welcome to 2019!!!


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