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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago about the autoimmune storm I was in.  The picture above was taken this past weekend.  Clearly, I have moved beyond the storm.  I thought I might share a day in my life with Hashimoto’s.

I have learned over time what my body needs. 

Whether or not I’m in a storm or hiking in the mountains is completely dependent on my ability or my choice to give my body what it needs to be at my peak performance.

Two weeks ago, I could barely move.

This weekend I hiked over 6 miles with a 1500 ft rise in elevation and it was beautiful.

Why the rollercoaster?

How did I even out my bodies performance?

What is my day like living with Hashimoto’s?

I think these are good questions to answer so you all can see what it takes to define your life, despite the label.

Let’s start with the rollercoaster.

I was utilizing too much of my energy on work and wasn’t restoring it.

As soon as I slowed it down, and let my body recover the pain subsided and almost overnight went back to my normal mode of operation

I basically listened and adjusted. 

Understanding the whispers of my body allows me to understand what is needed.

It was a quick recovery because of that.

Nothing else had shifted.

My eating was consistent as was my sleep, my exercise, etc.

The only thing different was the amount of work I was doing.

That was the place to start and it worked.

Just have to pay attention.

Let’s dive into what a day of living with Hashimoto’s looks like for me.

I will also highlight the things I’m terrible at that could make my life easier if I would just manage it.

Let’s just start there.

I have different getting out of bedtimes, depending on the week or the weekend.

However, a more regimented schedule would allow my body to settle into a better rhythm.

I am not good at this.  I like to go to sleep late and wake up late, but my work requires I’m up and communicating or meeting with people by 8am.

I am rarely in bed before 11 and I’m rolling out of bed 30 min before my 8am calls.

Not really enough time to take care of my grounding needs like meditation, breathing and stretching.

I try to fit these in later in the day but I am not good at it.

These two areas need some work.

Let’s dive into my routine.

My thyroid medicine is first thing before I do anything.

My food has become a very big focus. 

Is it satisfying?  No.

I wish I could say it was.

I have a strong emotional attachment to food.

I loved eating my feelings, haha.  And I was very good at it.

Not anymore.

But I understand how much eating the right way to support my health does for me and allows me to have the life I want.

So, I just do it. 

Before I head up to my office, I make a cup of hot water with DoTERRA lemon essential oil to help my body detox.

And I usually have a cup of bone broth at this time as well.

I have a couple of bone broth powders that I like.

My life is very busy, and I wouldn’t be successful if I had to make it from scratch all the time.  I have found a solution that works.

I also eat a banana at this time to start the day off with resistant starch and fiber.

The banana is also helping to feed some keystone strains in my microbiome that I am missing.

I take a break around 10 to get up and walk and to make a shake.  My greens are important.

At this time, I will take my supplements as well.

Also, not good at getting them all down right away.

It takes me a bit of time, but I do make sure they are all taken.

For lunch I am usually eating dinner leftovers or some soup along with a salad.

I always have extra food available for eating when I’m hungry. 

More greens.  So important.

I also take time to go out and sit in the grass with the dog and just chill for about 15 min.

It helps ground him and me and energize me for the rest of the afternoon.

And I might sit and watch something on tv, something that will just allow my brain to rest.

Something funny or fictional.

Just a reset.

I need to give the focus and intensity a rest, so my head won’t hurt at the end of the day.

For a snack in the afternoon I might have an Rx bar or an apple.

Just something to get me through the day, and to help with my energy and balancing of my blood sugar.

Dinner can be late or early.  Depends on who is cooking.

I find it is better to eat earlier.  Helps me sleep better.

I take my evening supplements with dinner usually.

But many times, I will have them when I’m drinking my detox tea before bed.

However, I do sometimes like a snack before bed.

Usually a grapefruit or a small bowl of oatmeal.

I didn’t mention exercise.

Also, something else that I have to be focused on to make it happen.

I love exercising but sometimes I get carried away with my work which I also love.

I prefer playing sports and lifting weights but not always possible anymore.

I am doing a lot of body weight exercises, hiking, and occasionally I will get onto my stair machine.

And in during the cooler weather, I spend a lot of time in my sauna after my workout to help with detox as well.

A question you might have is it hard to be this rigid?

It used to be a lot worse.

As I’ve gotten healthier, it has gotten much easier.

It requires planning when I travel and when I’m going to people’s houses, but I realize this has to be my life.

And I’ve learned that it is absolutely worth it so now it has just become who I am.

Acceptance of who I have to be has made it all so much easier for me. 

It isn’t just a day in my life.

It is every day in my life.

It is my life with Hashimoto’s.

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