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By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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I am approached by a lot of people once they understand what I do.  Funny thing. In most cases they don’t really want to hear what I have to say.  They want me to validate what they feel they are doing for their health.  And almost every time, at some point in the conversation they assure me they are eating healthy.  I try to be kind but the question I want to ask them is “Are you really eating healthy?” because they aren’t.

So, I ask you.  Are you really eating healthy?

Our foods can either be our poison or our nourishment.  There is no in between.  It’s either working for you or it isn’t.  Now I know there are cases when even eating well isn’t serving you in the way that it should but that is for other reasons not part of this blog.  And even if it isn’t serving you immediately, it is still required for health.  You still need to eat the right way to support health in your body.

Back to this blog. 

What I am getting from the conversations I have with people is the information they have gathered off the internet suits their line of thinking, supporting the way they like to eat.  Don’t get me started on vegan diets.  Or even vegetarian diets.  Well, ok.  Maybe I will address it a little bit in a minute or two.  The internet is full of information and you can find anything to support the way you are eating.  You can find information to convince you of what you want to believe when it comes to diet but that isn’t going to get you healthy.  Not even close.

What is required?

Whole, clean, fresh foods. 

Notice I didn’t say packaged.

Notice I didn’t say processed.

Notice I didn’t say fast food.

I said whole, clean, fresh foods. 

I will explain that further.  Fresh veggies.  Fresh fruit.  Clean meats.  Clean fats.  Clean starches.  That’s it.  End of story.  I didn’t say Dairy.  I didn’t say Sugar.  I didn’t say Gluten.

It is the way my grandparents used to eat.  It is the way my parents grew up eating.  It is the way I was fortunate to grow up eating until we moved to the city and life got busy.  Gluten wasn’t a thing when I was growing up.  I spent my first 8 years in some very small towns in the middle of nowhereville Canada.  If you have never lived in a small town, it can feel a little suffocating, but it does have its benefits.  Life is slower, there is time for family and friends.  And there aren’t a lot of options, or at least there weren’t when I was little, to step away from healthy eating.  All meals were cooked at home.  Much of the food was grown in the gardens.  And yes, we had desserts, but they were also homemade.

As we got farther and farther away from this setting, life got more complicated.  TV dinners became more frequent.  And my mom and I discovered Tostitos.  McDonald’s made their big entrance into the burbs. And it was all amazing.  My taste buds were thrilled.  When I finally got my first job, I opted to buy my own lunches at the school which consisted of ice cream sandwiches and French fries.  And that is how my downhill slide to unhealthy eating started.

And in this age of complicated lives, healthy eating has gotten lost for most. 

They don’t even have a clue what that means anymore.  And in many cases, until they get sick and it is late in the game before they even want to talk about what they must do to make a difference in their health.  Sad.

I’m going to offer you something in a minute, but I did want to get back to Vegan and Vegetarian diets.  First of all, most that head down this route don’t do it right and their diets can still be full of junk and processed foods that are not serving you, at all.

But that is beside the point. 

Animal protein is something that is crucial to proper thyroid function.  Animal fat is important for proper brain function.  Both are key to the level of health that our bodies operate.  What I will say is that some of us need more or less meat than others.  That is something you will have to work out for you, but it is still required.  And if you insist for various reasons that you want to be vegan or vegetarian, please make sure you are supplementing to support what is needed from meat.  Please.

And, if you are struggling with autoimmune or chronic illness, your diet requires some additional restrictions and modifications.  Sticking to a healthy diet is crucial to your healing.

The thing about eating whole, clean, fresh foods is that it helps to keep the level of inflammation down in your body. 

It helps to keep the gut lining healthy, so you don’t end up with leaky gut.  It supports levels of health and body functions, so your genetics don’t always get kicked off.  It provides clean nutrients to feed our cells and organs so the body functions properly.  All of this is crucial to holding disease at bay.

I know, the next big issue is where do you go to determine what to eat.  The ratios of veggies to meat.  How much fat or starch is acceptable?

This is where the offer comes in.  I have a cheat sheet for you if you are interested in eating the right way.  I have one for general health and one for autoimmune and I am excited to share these with you.  If you are interested in a sheet, email me at

In the title of your email put either Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet or Autoimmune Protocol Cheat Sheet.

I will get that out to you asap.

Have a wonderful week.

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