Biggest mistake when healing Hashimoto’s

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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The biggest mistake women make when trying to heal their Hashimoto’s is not making themselves a priority.  Bottom line. 

Do I get it?  Yes. I do. 

It is your nature as a woman to want to provide everything you have to those you love and care for, to your friends, to your job. 

And where are you in this list? Close to the bottom? At the bottom?

And it is so very hard to overcome your need to provide in this way as a woman. 

But let me ask you how this is working for you?

Let’s think about this.  Do you think Izabella Wentz improved the way she lives with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis without making herself a priority? 

No, she didn’t.  It does not work that way. 

She realized this in her search for a solution to her Hashimoto’s.  And without this realization, she would still be sick and very likely worse. 

If you continue holding onto the belief that you can continue to provide to everyone in your world and continuing to put yourself on the back burner you won’t get better.

Hashimoto’s doesn’t get better on it’s own.  Ever. 

You will continue getting sicker, finding it difficult to get out of bed, to go to work, to look after your family.  Before too long they will have to look after you if they aren’t already. 

It’s a hell of a way to live. 

So, how do you make yourself a priority? 

The first thing you must do is decide you are worth whatever it takes to heal because you are.  In the eyes of your children and your husband or partner, they don’t want this for you.  And ultimately, they didn’t ask for this, as you didn’t.  In deciding you are worth it, you are also deciding they are worth it. They deserve the best of you.  You can’t give them your best if you aren’t healthy. 

Second, commit to what it is going to take.  Time, effort, and focus are all needed.  You didn’t get here in a day.  Healing takes time.  If you are not committed it will take you longer and longer as you get worse and ultimately develop additional autoimmune illnesses.  The more illnesses you have the longer it takes.  So, commit, whatever it takes. 

Third, make yourself the priority ahead of your job, your friends, and your family.  Getting healthy is going to take focus from you.  You are going to have to turn your lifestyle upside down to change the way you live with Hashi’s and it’s probably going to be hard.  Actually, not probably.  It is going to be hard because you are exhausted and it does take work.  You do what is needed for healing if all of your very limited energy is going to everyone else.  When you are scheduling your week, schedule you first. You have to be your #1 priority.  If not, you will just waste your time and ultimately get sicker.    

Let me ask you a question. 

Do you really want to keep doing what you are doing hoping for a better outcome while you get sicker by the day?  It sounds a bit like the definition of insanity to me. 

Or, do you want to get off of this very sad rollercoaster ride, decide you are worth it, commit to your health and whatever it is going to take and make yourself a damn priority?!

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