Can Limiting Gluten Be Beneficial?

By Tracy Gowler 6 years ago
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We’ve spent this entire month walking you through Gluten, what it is, it’s effects, how to eat gluten free, but there is one thing we haven’t talked about yet.  Does limiting gluten provide any benefit to you?

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining what gluten does to the body.  How it activates the release of zonulin in the body and contributes to inflammation and leaky gut.

Knowing this, my first question would be, why would you ever want to eat gluten again?

But I do know how hard it can be giving it up.  The smell of freshly baked bread with melting butter.  And doesn’t bread just go so good with a bowl of warm chili or a turkey sandwich after thanksgiving.  Emotionally it can be so satisfying.

And why is it that we struggle the hardest giving up what feeds our emotions?

When I talk with my clients, I’m honest with them.  I tell them that for their own good and to allow their bodies to begin the healing process, they have got to give up gluten.

The reality is most are going to struggle so hard to do what I’ve asked.

So, can limiting gluten be beneficial.

From a getting healthy perspective, every little bit of gluten protein that makes it through the gut into your system can stay in your body for up to 6 months wreaking havoc.  From this perspective, no.

From the perspective of giving yourself the time to wean off that wonderful bread, yes, it can beneficial.

I know going cold turkey isn’t for everyone.

So, how do you limit gluten with the goal of eliminating it all together?

Week 1 – commit to two days with no gluten

Week 2 – add two more days with no gluten

Week 3 – add two more days with no gluten – begin eliminating all of the products that contain gluten from your kitchen.

Week 4 – eliminate gluten from your life altogether.

What about eating out.  Restaurants can be hard, very hard.  There are restaurants that do a good job of offering options to people that are gluten free.  There is an app out there called “Find Me Gluten Free”.   You can use this app to find restaurants in your area that cater to the gluten free community.  Not all restaurants are created equally.  It will be your job to speak with the manager ahead of time to see how well they accommodate you being gluten free.  This is so important.  Restaurants are the easiest place to get contaminated so when asked if you have an allergy, the answer should always be “YES”.

I know, you are probably wondering why this blog post doesn’t go on forever.  I am not about Fluff, nor BS.  I prefer to just say it like it is.

If you are serious about our health, you need to eliminate the Gluten.  Go cold turkey, or work your way to it but get it out of your kitchen, your body, and your life.  You will be the better for it.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Catch you next week.



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