Caught up in the Circus? COVID-19 Do’s and Don’ts.

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I have been debating for a while about commenting on the state of things right now.  Does anyone really want to hear what I have to say?  Maybe, maybe not.  And there is so much good information out there in terms of supporting yourself during this time.  But maybe you are caught up in the circus that is out there and you need someone to bring some sanity to what is needed.  It is hard not to be concerned about the frickin’ virus isn’t it?

Has anyone been to the grocery store lately?  The fear response is crazy and it leads to such emotional responses.  I mean, there are bigger issues than toilet paper if the end of mankind is really upon us as so many have suggested.  Do you really need 5 years of toilet paper?

In all honesty, I think what bothers me more than anything is that we seem to have lost our humanity.  There are babies that have no food.  There are no eggs and milk in this city.  That shit is going to go bad before you can use it all.  And so many poor people have no TP to wipe their asses.  I mean really people.  That’s a problem when people are so scared they don’t have the capacity to think or even care about others.

But there are pockets of humanity. 

I see it all around me.  People are posting all over about being willing to run errands for the elderly.  Even my daughter said to me today that she wished she knew more elderly where she lives so she could help them out.  I love that about her.

Let me get off of my soapbox and let’s talk about what you can do and why I’m not that concerned just yet. 

I prefer to be proactive rather than reactive.  I didn’t stand in line for months of toilet paper.  Although I’m wondering now if I should have. This frenzy is adding so much stress to people’s lives.  This is my biggest concern for so many of you.  The stress that the fear breeds.

Let’s move into the Do’s and Don’ts.

Here are your Do’s.

  1. Keep your immune system strong. And there are some good supplements to help you do this.

Most of my clients should be on these anyway.  If you aren’t, you probably should.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3



And a good all around mineral supplement.

All of these will work to help strengthen your immune system and detox anything that you might encounter.

And, if you aren’t using these, but you would like to, I can help you with some high quality supplements with instructions on how to use them.  You can reach out to me at for information on how to order them.  The grocery store supplements are not as bioavailable meaning they most of what is in the capsules are not absorbed, they just pass on through.  Let me know how I can help.

  1. Next I have a few essential oils that work to improve your body’s ability to resist the virus. And if you do happen to contract it, will help your body recover faster.

The oils we are using in my family are the following.

I recommend either Young Living or DoTerra oils.  They are the purist of essential oils.  And also, the safest, 100% therapeutic grade oils available.

Young Living Thieves – This blend has been around since the black plague.  Thieves uses the blend of oils that the grave robbers used to keep themselves from getting sick.  Best to use in a diffuser 30 min 2 to 3 times per day, can also rub on your wrists, bottom of feet, length of spine and behind the ears.

Or DoTerra OnGuard – Similar blend to Thieves, same outcome.  Use the same way as you would use Thieves.

DoTerra Correct X – oil infused cream to be used the following way. Apply a small amount of the cream using a q-tip to the inside edge of your nostrils to help kill the virus before it has a chance to enter through your nasal passages.

Bergamot – either Young Living or DoTerra – Diffuse, effective against flu viruses. Not good diffused with animals in the house.  You can also apply topically on your wrists, bottom of your feet, behind your ears or along your spine.

Eucalyptus – either Young Living or DoTerra – Very helpful for the respiratory tract

DoTerra Cinnamon Leaf – effective anti-viral as a liquid

Tea Tree Oil – either Young Living or DoTerra – effective against the flu virus, applied topically, or diffused

Not all of you are currently using these oils and might be wondering how to get your hands on them.  I can put you in touch with someone that can help you out.  You can email her directly at  She would happy to help you out with any or all of these products.  And she can help you with their use.

  1. If you are struggling hard with an autoimmune disease, you really need to stay out of site and in an environment that you can control within your home.  Don’t be interacting with people that are not in control of their own environments.  You need to protect your health at all costs just in case.
  2. Do find a way to help your neighbors, or those poor people that are going to be hurt financially with this. They need our help too

Here are the Don’ts.

  1. Don’t let the fear take control of your life. You still have to live your life.  You are in control.

I highly recommend you don’t spend hours in front of the tv watching minute by minute updates on this damn virus.  The reality is we can’t do a lot about what is happening around us.  What you can do is support your body the right way so that you are prepared for the fight if needed.

  1. Stress is wicked when it comes to your gut health. Don’t let the fear take over and stress out your body.

Your strength to fight this will be in the health of your gut.  Stress creates inflammation in the body, puts your adrenals on high alert, increases your cortisol output and starts this crazy vicious cycle that creates dysfunction in your body.  You can’t fight anything when your body is under stress.

Stress management is going to be so important.  So, meditation, TRE, breathing, Epsom salt bath, sauna, etc.  And don’t just keep yourself cooped up in your house driving yourself crazy.  Get outside.  Go for a walk.  It will go far in helping you maintain your sanity.  Or go for a hike.  Find a way to connect with people via video.  Being in your house doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected.  It is what will get you through.  Plan for something 3 weeks from now that will be fun.  And if you have to move it oh well.

  1. Don’t sit there confused about this.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  I’m happy to talk it through with you.  I may not have the answers but I can definitely talk it through with you.

Remember, you can’t help others if you don’t look after yourself.  And the glass is not half full or half empty.  The glass is beautiful.  Look for the good, you will find it.

Have a great week.



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