Change is the Only Constant. Oh, and Gravity.

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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It is almost that time of year.  And it is a big one, 2020.  I have heard it suggested that it is the year of clear vision, you know, 2020 vision.  I don’t know about that.  I do have an approach to the New Year that I would like to share with you this week.  Change is the only constant, except for gravity.  Haha.

I heard that years ago.  Change is the only constant. 

It made me stop and think for a bit.  Shocking I know since I live in my head soooo much.  But I did think about it.  I think as humans we fight so hard trying to keep our lives the same, situations the same.  When the reality is that things are always changing.

Take the seasons for instance. 

The cycle of the seasons goes from birth to death and back to rebirth every year.  So do we. Our cells are constantly dying and renewing.  Well hopefully you are treating yourself well enough that you are supporting cellular regeneration.  We get so lost in our lives that we forget this cycle.  Even when we are reminded with the New Year.

And hey, change is scary.

But what if we changed our outlook.

What if we embraced change? 

What if we looked at it from a very different perspective?  What if we viewed it as positive?  Sometimes hard, yes.  But still positive.

Why is change so hard?  I think because we are trying so hard to control the outcome of our lives.  The reality is that there are so many factors outside of our control influencing our lives every day.  And it is hard work resisting all of that influence.  Really, really hard.

Maybe it would be easier if we learned to roll with it a little bit.  To accept the change that we wanted and incorporate it into our lives and help to shift it a little into more of a positive experience.  Realizing that we become better for it.  And to sort of bounce off of the change that we don’t feel serves us rather than such a hard resistance.

And I’m seeing it all around me now.  Changes in the lives of people that are very near and dear to me.  Changes that they have been resisting but finally finding their way through and it is a beautiful outcome.  And they grow from it.  Every bump in the road has the potential to add to the beauty of the person.

Isn’t that the journey, to the be best we can be while we are here?   

Not a very big blog this week.  Good thing because it is feeling a little deep and maybe a little too much exposure to the workings of my brain.

Happy New Year.

Thanks for being here.

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