Choose Your Hard or How Clients Try to Justify Foods They Shouldn’t Eat.

By Tracy Gowler 6 years ago
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Hi there everyone,

Hopefully your week is going well and you are meeting all of your health goals. We are going to dive right in to a conversation I had recently with one of my clients.

Me:  What is that you said?  Your hot flashes are back and you want to know how bad the sweet potato fries would be?  You think it could depend on the oil.  You are thinking I might tell you that you shouldn’t be eating fried anything.  Of course the fried foods were what contributed the last time the hot flashes came back.  (She did tell me she would push the limits.  At this point we have fixed her hot flashes 3 times and she is so lucky I love her to death.)

Client:  But before, it was the bad hamburger meat with a gluten bun and regular French Fries.  (I reminded her that the sweet potato fries are cooked in crappy oil, number one.  And number two, they are cooked in the same oil as all of the other wonderfully breaded things that the restaurant serves so cross contamination of gluten is very likely.  Just sayin. )

Client:  And, I ate some dry roasted peanuts the other night thinking those wouldn’t be bad.  After having hot flashes all night after eating them, I read the label in the morning and they had garlic and paprika in them.  (Two foods she has food sensitivities to right now.)

Me:  Dammit, you make me laugh.  So are you learning anything?

Client:  Okay, okay.  And yes sure I am.  Just a slow learner.

Me:  I keep fixing them for you and you keep testing the waters?  Haha

Client:  Lol Yep.  I have to give you some good writing material for your blog.

Of course, this client is not in a class all her own.  Nope.  Changing your eating habits can be very difficult especially when emotional eating is involved.  Recreating a love for your kitchen can also be difficult if your life has become a life of convenience and your meals consist of fast food, restaurant meals, or processed foods.  Maybe you are exhausted and aren’t quite sure how you are going to get the energy to do the right thing for yourself.  And many of us don’t truly understand what healthy eating entails or the other lifestyle factors that are required.  It can be a lot of work and education is required.   How do you fit this in when you are already running short on time and energy?

This list of difficulties could be extensive but I’m going to stop right here.  And no, you won’t find me that sympathetic to your excuses.  I get it, sometimes you can barely muster the energy to go and get the food for your family.  Unfortunately, it isn’t my job to be sympathetic.  I do however empathize.  I have been through it.  Hating my kitchen and relearning how to love it.  I have eaten the Sonic vanilla ice cream because I needed to feed my work stress.  Educating myself for hours every night, deciphering the real from the BS.  And being exhausted and having to sleep 20 hours in a day that really didn’t help improve the exhaustion.  Wondering if this is going to be the extent of the rest of my life and it sucked.

It’s hard.  Yes it is.  But the reality is that it is all hard isn’t it.  Continuing to poison your body with food that isn’t feeding it what it needs is perpetuating your issues.  This is hard and creating more hardship.  Continuing to gain weight and eventually experiencing all of the health issues associated with it is hard.  Allowing the frustration of a lifestyle change to win, all the while beating yourself up for being lazy and falling short of family responsibilities is hard.  Allowing the family responsibilities to be more important than your health is hard because you are beginning to realize you don’t know how much longer you can do this.  It is all hard.

I’m saying, Choose Your Hard.  Commit to your health and all that is required.  Choose healthy eating and love yourself enough to stick with it.  Hell yes it is hard but the payoffs are so much more fulfilling than choosing the hards that don’t get you to feeling better or even remotely close to your health goals.

And the other reality is that you don’t have to do this on your own.  It took me awhile because I was operating as a single entity, trying to figure it out while supporting my kids and working my ass off.  I have figured it out and you can get to a better place so much faster than I did if you are willing to commit to yourself and let me help.

So, Choose Your Hard.  Decide that you are worth it.  Find yourself someone that can help you and support you on this road to health.  And if you don’t know who that is yet, contact me.  I’d love to help you on your journey.

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Have a fabulous day.

Clean your kitchen, clean your body, clean your life.


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