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By Rachael 6 years ago
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You’ve made it through Thanksgiving, hooray!!

Consider the ‘battle’ of the Holiday Season half way done. To me, Thanksgiving is the more difficult Holiday to make it through. So much food in one sitting. Whereas Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza are more gradual Holiday festivities. So put your party hats on, because we are all in this together!

Over my Thanksgiving break, I learned a few more things about staying healthy during the Holidays. Going into it, I had my thoughts that I would stay on track as best I could. I prepped my family that we would be trying new meals during our dinner, we would exercise as much as we could, and we would all contribute to the least amount of stress as possible. And it was a success! Over the course of this Holiday season I developed a few rituals that I will add to my daily routines. They will help reduce stress, lighten the mood and bring a little fun into this time of year. Go ahead and give them a shot!

Self-care is something I value throughout the year.

I write in journals about what I am grateful for, I exercise daily and I eat well. Throughout the winter, I take some extra measures. The day light savings time and the cold temperatures leave me weary. Adding these rituals into my daily activities brightens my mood and my season.

Lighting Candles

Seems like a simple task, right? It fills the house with warmth and good scents. After daylight savings, I need to find a way to bring light back into my day. Candles bring in shine and light into my house and help me forget it’s so dark outside. They make the house smell inviting and cozy.

Hot Yoga

An all time favorite activity of mine. There is nothing better than stepping on my mat in a 100-degree yoga room while it’s a blizzard outside. Yoga helps de-stress and add clarity to my day. Yoga involves meditation before, during and after class and I return home feeling completely relaxed (and worked out).

Gratitude Entries

Every morning, before breakfast and coffee I sit down and write everything I am grateful for. It can be as simple as a good night rest, or having a warm cup of coffee waiting for me. The act of writing things down stimulates release of tension and stress in our bodies. It’s important to take a few moments for ourselves during the day. Especially in the busy season of giving. Give to yourself, and be grateful for your healthy body.

Wellness Visits:

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to a spa, getting your hair done, spending the afternoon in a sauna, or playing around in the hot tub followed by a relaxing massage! The winter holidays are the perfect time to do so. And if you’re un-able to do so, try bringing in essential oils into your home. Diffusing the oils adds clarity and warmth to your home.

Spending time outside:

Get out there and play! Even though it’s cold out, I enjoy spending a Saturday morning at the local ice rink with a warm cup of tea in my hand. Or going on a family outing to cut down the Christmas tree. Even taking a walk around the neighborhood is a good refresher during the day.

Drinking Tea

Tea is a great way for me to de-stress and end my day. My favorite blend right now is the Harvest Blend from Trader Joes. When I want to relax and wind down, I reach for my sleepy blend or chamomile. Without adding calories or caffeine, tea is the perfect night drink!

Don’t let the stress of the Holiday season interfere with your mental and wellbeing. By adding in a more rituals to your day and your Holiday season, you can find time to relax and truly enjoy this time of year!


Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

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