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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I have been sitting in our FDN conference for the past 3 days.  Well, actually double timing it with another conference.  They overlapped and there was so much to learn in both.  But the topic of emotional eating came up and I was intrigued.

I know.  Have I learned my lesson?

Oh yes!!!

I haven’t been pushing myself to double down on all the information.

I am keeping an eye on when my body is saying it has had enough and I just stop.

I can’t learn everything so I’m picking and choosing what makes sense for me to serve you, and to serve myself.

However, one of the subjects was emotional eating. 


As women, we talk about it and make fun of it.

We eat our feelings.  Haha.

But not so funny really because it does get in the way of our success in healing.

Emotional Eating is a real problem and very hard to manage. 

I took the test yesterday.

These were the results I got back from the quiz.

Your results are in! You’re a level 3 out of 4— you are an emotional eater.

Your score indicates that you are indeed an emotional eater and that your quality of life is being compromised by a possible addiction to food.

This problem is much more common than you may realize, but that doesn’t make it any less painful and frustrating.

    • You can’t say no to the ooey, gooey, chewy foods or the salty, crunchy snacks.
    • You feel heavy and bloated and honestly, you hate your body.
    • Your clothes don’t fit like they used to.
    • You obsess about food all the time.
    • Skinny people irritate you and yet you’d do anything to look like them.

Duh, but in all honestly thought I had a better handle on eating my feelings and I don’t think I’m quite this bad.

Of course, denial is part of the problem right.

I do love ooey, gooey, chewy foods.

I do love crunchy.  I find this to be the biggest place that I fall down.

My clothes don’t fit like they used to but I’m also post-menopausal.  Hormones are a bitch.

I don’t obsess about food all the time in an unhealthy way.

My obsession is making sure I have healthy food to eat so I don’t fall off the wagon, however, I’m 5 years into this, falling off the wagon is not the same as it was in the beginning.

My falling off the wagon now is a bag of potato chips.

Skinny people irritate me.

Well, hell yes, they do.  haha.

Here’s the reality.

I might be a level 3 because I do have to be strong mentally to not give in to the foods.

I like snacks before bed.

I don’t like being hungry although it is actually good to experience hunger.

I eat often to keep my blood sugar level so it suits my need to eat maybe.

Hangry is never a good thing although I don’t get hangry so much anymore.

It has gotten easier over the years.

I pick and choose when I’m going to fall off the wagon.

And when I fall off the wagon, I do know what that food is going to be.

The dreaded potato chip. 

Yes, they are gluten free and plain as plain can be meaning only potatoes, salt, and oil.

Usually coconut or avocado oil.

But they really do fill the emotional need.

And if they are in my cupboard, I’m going to eat them.

And I can’t just eat a few. 

My body does like toast or waffles so I get my bread from Simple Kneads.  So clean.

And I do eat grain free and pretty clean waffles.  No rice, no corn, no wheat.  Using grains that my body can tolerate.

And grapefruit.  Haha.  It makes me happy.

My point of talking through this is that I do recognize this as an issue. 

It is one that I have to be aware of and I would lay money down on the fact that it is also for many of you.

Otherwise, why would you struggle so hard with food changes?

That is a good question isn’t it.

I also feel that I am not as educated in this area as I think I could be.

I have a few things I have to get done but then I will be heading into this arena more as I think it is a really big deal when it comes to all of you.

And me too.

See you next week.

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