Feeling a little crazy – Damn this COVID 19!!!

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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If I could kick this virus where it hurts most and make it go away for all of you, you know I would.  I have very bad words, that I would normally say out loud but I won’t.  I will remain professional.  But really, how many of you are feeling a little crazy?  Damn this COVID 19.

And it is ok to rant a little if you need to. 

But don’t live there. I think what is starting to chap my ass a little is all the haters I have been seeing out there on FB.  I don’t have a lot of patience for this.  Being an empath, I can feel the energy and I don’t like it.  I don’t want it.

Here is my take.  Nobody asked for this.  And the reality is it is nobodies’ fault.  We are all just living our lives.  We all live in our bubbles without a great understanding of how and what we do can have a massive ripple effect. And I’m not just talking about the virus.  Just life in general.  And all this hate is rippling too.  And not in a good way.

And the hate is serving nobody, especially the haters. 

All that negative energy is not energy focused on the healing, and getting people through this as best we can.  All this negative energy reduces the strength of your immune system.  FYI.  Good luck fighting the virus if it comes your way.

I am choosing to do it differently because I have big plans on making it through this thing, keeping my family healthy and coming out with whatever lessons are begging to be learned.

First, I’m refusing to partake in the negative energy.  All people are doing their best right now. Everyone.

Second.  I am living my life.  It’s a little different but I am living it.  I was finding that it was easy to become overwhelmed and self-care was taking a backseat to some of the craziness.  Not that I was losing my mind, I wasn’t, but the craziness takes brain space making it hard to focus on what is needed.  I chose to take back my life.  I now have a more focused approach to what is needed.  Daily meditation, a focus on good foods, taking the supplements I need to strengthen my body if needed, exercise every day, getting outside, and contact with positive people.  I am making a list of what I need and adding into my schedule.

Third.  I’m going for a drive every now and then just to get out and about.  It felt so good to just drive.  I didn’t make contact with anyone but taking that freedom in a way that doesn’t impact anyone felt really good.

Fourth.  Focused connection with the people that are important to me, in any form, it’s all good. Kind, loving words go a long way even if it is just a text.

Fifth. Community, even if because I am an introvert I love being holed up in my house, is still needed.  There is always someone that could use a helping hand.  I’m never too busy to help out.

Sixth. I refuse to watch the news more than once a day, and only for updates.  I can’t do anything about what is happening.  I don’t want to live in the anxiety of it all.  I’m preferring to watch or read helping information like the summit that is coming up with positive tips and tricks from the people in the know.  I sent that out in a link to the community today if you want to watch the summit.  If you aren’t part of the community but would like access, let me know at clientcare@yourhealthmadesimple.com and I will get that to you.

Seventh.  Be grateful every day.   There is plenty to be grateful about.  I have weeds growing in my garden already.  I hate weeds but guess what, they are giving me something to do.  They are getting me outside.  And it also reminds me that despite everything that is going on, nature doesn’t let anything stop it, ever.  It will morph and change as needed to keep surviving.  If you didn’t read about the Dolphins that have moved back into the rivers in Venice, you should.  What a cool story. The people stopped using the rivers and they moved back in immediately.  I am grateful for that reminder.

Please do your best to keep it positive. 

If you have autoimmune, your body is going to require you to be as positive and as supportive to yourself as you possibly can.  Give it your all and remember that this too shall pass.  Hopefully sooner than later.  My fingers are crossed.

Hang in there.  Chat again next week.

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