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What is it that you don't like about your health?


A few extra pounds?

Can’t sleep?

Digestive issues?

Tired, maybe even exhausted

Don’t feel like yourself? 

Or maybe, you are beginning to realize that the current state of health in this country is something that scares you and you just want to be proactive.  

What is required to be healthy? 

Four lifestyle factors.  Diet, Rest (Sleep), Exercise, and Stress Management.  

You tackle these and you are supporting your body for heath.  

My goal is to guide you down the path to health success!!!!

I also realize that different people want different things when it comes to getting healthy.   

With that in mind,  I created two programs with your success being my number one focus but also with a budget in mind to make it affordable. 

To help give you a little more information on my programs, I recorded a short video for you.  

If you are looking to live healthier, this program is right for you

What Being Healthy Really Means

5 week self-guided program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at your ideal weight, have endless energy, and feel more like yourself?

For the cost of only $197, this program will put you in the driver’s seat of your health!!

  • This is a 5 week lifestyle improvement program
  • You will receive an email every week that will walk you through the steps you need to take to incorporate the lifestyle factors into your health. 
  • You will receive 4 Questionnaires to fill out that will allow me to evaluate your current state of  health
  • You will get a 30 min session with me to discuss your Questionnaires and your next best steps.  

In the course, you will learn what it takes to:

  • Drop the pounds and keep them off. 
  • Have the energy to keep up with your kids and life’s demands
  • Get a great night’s sleep
  • Find your own personal definition of health and stay there

The program cost is less than what most practitioners charge for an initial evaluation.

Additional topics covered in the program:

  • Defining goals for your health
  • Creation of action items to achieve your health goals.
  • Time Management to learn how to implement the required lifestyle factors.
  • Listening to the whispers of your body
  • Phases of dysfunction within the body
  • Gut health
  • Weekly recipes to follow to learn how to truly eat healthy
  • Education on how to plan meals, shop healthy, batch cooking, and prep freezer meals.  
  • How Rest, Exercise, and Stress play into your health
  • Integrating Rest, Exercise, and Stress Management into your life

My goal is to lead you down the path to health!

Don’t allow  one more day of feeling like you are not yourself. 

Not quite ready

  • I can’t afford to pay for these programs

•  I don’t have the time

• I don’t have the energy to
devote to changing my life

I know, I spent years telling myself this.  The reality is that there is only a very small percentage of people in Western society that is truly healthy and this is an epidemic.  If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind like gas, bloating, weight gain, headaches, joint pain, skin issues, digestive issues, etc, then you already have some dysfunction in your body.  And you know what, if you continue to ignore it, your symptoms are only going to get worse. Your body is going to stop whispering at you and eventually it is going to start screaming.  

Why wait until it gets to that point.  It won’t get any cheaper than it is right here with these programs.  As you move further into the dysfunction, the costs go up.  And wouldn’t you just like to wake up feeling great, with all the energy in the world to tackle your day, every day?  

And maybe you have a few questions before you are ready to sign up.  That’s awesome.  i’d love to hear from you.  I love talking to people about their health concerns, health goals and laying out a game plan for your health.  I’m not that scary and I won’t twist your arm.  The decision is ultimately up to you. 

If you do decide you would rather chat first, click on the button right now to get into my scheduler.  Once you are in there, pick Vitality Breakthrough Session  and choose a time that works for you.  I can’t wait to chat with you about what you want for your health!!

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