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By Tracy Gowler 3 years ago
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Happy Tuesday everyone,

I just realized that I didn’t have a blog written for this week and I have 20 min to share something heartfelt with you.  And I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached my limit when it comes to writing about sugar.  I think I’ve thoroughly shared enough information to make you want to stop with the sugar.  If I haven’t, you aren’t in that space just yet but hopefully, I’ve made you think about it.

Anyway, for those of you that know me, when I get on a roll, 20 min is long enough to thoroughly babble through all of my thoughts, especially ones that I am passionate about.

This blog is more about where YHMS is headed.  That, I am passionate about.

Where is Your Health Made Simple headed?

I started off this past June with a serious focus on Hashimoto’s.  Wanting my business to really focus on making an impact in people’s lives from that perspective.  When I started promoting the business through my Facebook page, the number of likes on the page went from 60 to about 3400 in a matter of 8 weeks.  Initially, I was concerned that they weren’t really Hashimoto’s people but then I lifted my head up out of that disappointment to realize that I am not here to dictate what people need, I am here to provide to all of you in my community what it is you are looking for.

It seems that many of you have found the FB page because of your interest in Healthy Eating but you seem to be hanging on for some of the other information that we are sharing which hopefully means that you like what you are reading.   Healthy eating is a great start to being healthy but there are 3 other lifestyle factors that contribute equally.  In FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) we call it DRESS for Health Success ®.

D – Diet

R – Rest or Sleep

E – Exercise

S – Stress Management

S – Supplements

And with the holidays coming up, I wanted to have something available to you that would allow you to truly take control of your health and yes, at the worst possible time of the year, but I feel it is absolutely the best time to start.

What Being Healthy Really Means

I am launching my What Being Healthy Really Means program.  This is a self-guided program that last 5 weeks.  It will walk you through an education of why each of the lifestyle factors are important to health, what being healthy really requires, what it means to be unhealthy, and we will provide you 4 weeks of recipes to get you going.

The second “S” in DRESS is not part of this program.  Supplements are not something that I dive into with clients unless they want to take their health a step further, usually because they truly are struggling with some health issues that they are not resolving with the current medical model.

Pre-registration for this program begins on 11/5.  If you are interested in really improving your health, this is the foundation and is required by every program that I have or will create.  And it is significantly discounted now through the end of the year.  Look for more information on this later this week.

If you are interested in improving your health, don’t wait. Get yourself signed up and give yourself the best gift you can ever give yourself this holiday season.   If it isn’t this program, find one that speaks to you and take ownership of getting yourself to a healthier place.

What About Next Year?

K, that was my little sales pitch.  I do have more to share with where YHMS is heading.  We see this 5 week program as the foundation for many programs actually.  Next year we are going to be launching our Pre-Pregnancy Preparation program.  If you or someone you know is looking to start a family, I highly encourage you to get your bodies cleaned up to give your little one the best possible chance at a healthy start.  It is amazing how much damage we do to our children before they are even born.  Both parents.  And we will be adding additional family programs throughout the year.

We will be tackling a program for people with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) as soon as we kick-off the family programs.  And eventually we will be putting programs in place for Early Onset of Alzheimer’s but that is going to be into 2019 before we can get that put into place.

We have great plans to support you and your family in health.  We hope you stick it out with us while we grow and build.  I love having you here with us in our little community.

I hope you have had a great start to your week.  Please stick with us.  We are about to dive into being healthy throughout the Holidays.  Something we could all use some help with.  And again, look for the program information.  If it isn’t for you, please share it with someone that you know is ready to make those next steps to getting healthy.  We truly are in an epidemic.  It just hasn’t been realized yet how truly big it is but we are starting to.  Take ownership of your health and become a statistic on the positive side of the equation.

Talk to you again soon.


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