Have I lost my mind? Nah, it’s just a little brain fog.

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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You’ve probably heard the term brain fog.

Is it a real thing? 

Oh ya!!!  If you have Hashi’s, it is one of your top three frustrations.  Second to energy and weight.

It’s kind of like everything else with Hashi’s.  It comes on slowly.  Love that about it don’t you?  Makes you feel like you are a little crazy sometimes.  Like you are losing your mind, or you might be getting Alzheimer’s.  How do I know?  Lived it!!!

As women, we are generally a little scattered with the amount of multi-tasking it takes to hold down a job and a family.  Insane how much we can have going on in our brains all the time.  And damn we were good at it.  And then, there it is.  You can’t find what you did with your keys.  Or you forgot to pick up something at the store, or you missed an appointment.  Then words start to escape you.  Simple words.  But you pass it off because you think you must be a little tired today. Actually, you are tired.  That just started recently.  Which is weird.  Must just need to slow down a little or get more sleep.  You think how am I going to do that?  I’m already stretched.  So, you just push it aside and keep going.  But it gets worse.  Enough to make you wonder, should I have something looked at?  Am I getting early onset Alzheimer’s?

Probably not, although Alzheimer’s has been classified as autoimmune and if you don’t take care of your autoimmune, the likelihood of developing more is very high.  More than likely it’s just brain fog, and it’s a pain in the ass, or brain, however you prefer to think about it.

With Hashi’s, our biggest contributor is gluten.  The gluten protein is similar to a thyroid cell.  Unfortunate but true.  So, when we eat gluten, our bodies will attack our thyroid.  We should never, ever eat gluten again.  The gluten protein is also similar to brain surface tissue and if you have brain fog, it is likely that your immune system is also attacking your brain surface tissue.  Sucks!!  I know!!  But true.

How do you make it stop?  Well, there are several triggers than can contribute to your illness.  All of them have to be eliminated but the place to start is by eliminating gluten.

Ugh, you are tired of hearing about it aren’t you? 

Gluten, gluten, gluten.  But you gotta get it out of your system and it is a big undertaking.  It does get easier after a while, just so you know but initially it is hard.  And you can’t half ass getting rid of gluten.

I have written several articles on gluten.  You can find them here, here, and here.  But I do have one more little gem that I can share with you to help make it a little easier, having done it already and lived through the attempt at trying to be nice about it when it comes to the household and realizing that it was only hurting me.  You don’t want to do that.  It would be best if you understood what you really need to do to get rid of it for good.

I have an E-book that I have written on eliminating gluten. 

How about that?  And I’m absolutely willing to share it with you for free and if you want a copy, all you have to do is ask.  Just ask.  Send me an email at clientcare@yourhealthmadesimple.com.  Put “Eliminate Gluten E-book” in the subject and I will share a copy of it with you.

Thanks for being here.  Chat next week.


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