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By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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I talked last time about being your own advocate.  You can find it here if you missed it.  I also suggested in that post that I should talk about how I work with clients and here we are talking about how I work with clients.

First of all, it is important that we are a fit.  This is the reason that I request a Vitality Breakthrough Session with everyone of my Autoimmune clients.  It is difficult for some people to make themselves a priority and make the commitment to what is needed.  Without that commitment it is a waste of time and money.  And it is important that you also like me.  So, the Session is a requirement for both of us.

You will be sent a program agreement.  I will follow up with 5 questionnaires that you will fill out and get back to me.

The next step in my program is my Group Component.  It is 6 weeks of education to walk you through the lifestyle changes that are absolutely required.  I walk you through Diet, Sleep, Exercise and Stress Management.  I also talk about autoimmune, what it is, how it is healed.  While you participate in the education component, you will be incorporating the new way of eating and the other lifestyle improvements.

I know that the improvements can take some time, but I do require that you are 100% on the new diet before you can move into the next section of the program which is the Test and Supplement Component.  In this component, we will work one-on-one.

I have 3 tests that I am currently using to get a baseline evaluation of what is going on.  And from there, I define what the best protocol is for you to move forward with.  It usually means utilizing supplements to help support the body while it heals.

We work together for approximately 6 months and meet several times after the Group Component as you work through the protocol.  The goal being that we improve the way you are currently living with your autoimmune.

It is also important that you learn to listen to your body.  Our bodies have all the answers and so I will teach you to listen through journaling daily on how food affects your body, your sleep, your bowel movements etc.  So that when you do fall off the wagon, because all of us do, you will know when it is time to pay attention and get back on the wagon.

Education is important so that you understand why I’m asking you to do what I am asking you to do.  You will know what is required and when you do stray too far off course, you will know how to get back on course and why it is necessary.

It is also imperative to me that you are in the driver’s seat of your health, so we make decisions together.  Once we get into the protocols, we will review your test results, I will recommend what I feel is appropriate and then with your inputs, we come up with the best protocol together.

If you are struggling with more than one trigger or more than one autoimmune disease, it might take more than what is possible to tackle in the 6 months.  It could take more work beyond the initial program to determine your remaining triggers and the additional protocols that may be required to put you into remission.  We can talk about that after the initial program if you want to continue.  Some people require additional help and that’s ok.  It’s taken you a long time to get here, it takes a while for the body to turn that around, even with help.

The point is that you can’t tackle everything at once.  Supporting the gut first is crucial which I do with the diet and the initial supplements in the second component.  The tests that I have you take, highlight what is going on with key functions in the body because if they aren’t working right, you aren’t going to heal.  Those have to be supported first.

Sometimes, that is enough to get your body to a place of health.  And in most cases, that is enough to improve your nutrient deficiencies, and make a dent in repairing your leaky gut which means better energy, better sleep, better mood.  And the reality is that it takes a while.

If you find that things aren’t really getting better, or there is more to go, then that means looking at other triggers like gut infections, metal and chemical toxicity, histamine intolerances, etc to really get to the bottom of what is going on.

My program is structured to not waste your money, and to allow you to tackle one or two things at a time.  If it is too overwhelming, you won’t finish the program.  And I know that you are tired.  You can’t take it all on at once.  So, I keep it at a steady pace and walk you through pieces at a time.

Without getting into too much detail, that is the basic outline of the way I work.

Some questions you might have are:

  1. Why is the group component pre-recorded?
    1. The information is universal to everyone. Having it recorded allows me to have more time to work with clients in the second have of the program.
  2. What if I don’t make improvements in 6 months?
    1. Assuming you have done everything I have asked of you, that means you have some other issues getting in the way. In our discussions, we should have discovered that before the end of the program and already started investigating what the issues are.
  3. How do I know this works?
    1. I have done everything I am asking you to do. I spent years figuring out what was required to heal autoimmune.  I found the last piece to the puzzle which is FDN and I have incorporated what I have learned and tried on myself into this program.

I am sure you have additional questions and I’m happy to answer them.  You can respond via the comments on the blog below or you can email them to me directly at

I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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