How Many More Pounds Am I Going To Pack On My Ass?

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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How many of you with Hashi’s or Hypothyroidism feel this way?

I know.  It feels like nothing that you do or try makes an impact at all. 

And the weight continues to rise.

As women, this does absolutely nothing for our self-esteem because what we are seeing in the mirror everyday is an image that we hate, disgusts us actually.  It is hard to give ourselves grace when we feel like a beached whale.  And don’t get me started on the cellulite.

It is hard enough aging gracefully without my f….n thyroid helping out. 

But that isn’t the worst of it is it?  Nope.  Our better halves aren’t always better halves when it comes to understanding that nothing you are doing or can do will contribute one iota to your weight once the thyroid is jacked.  You are at the mercy of what is going on in your body.

I want to walk through all of the things you might have tried and why it won’t work.

  1. Eating a low-calorie diet, meaning starving yourself just puts your body in starvation mode.  This forces your body to conserve as much energy as possible, meaning fat.  Not productive at all.
  2. Have you counted your calories? Nutrients aren’t in the calories.  So, even though your have been watching your caloric intake, it may not be serving your body overall for what it needs from a nutrient and whole food perspective.  Weight loss might or might not have happened, but it won’t last, and you won’t get healthy.
  3. Spending too much time working out. I know, it is counterintuitive that extra time in the gym either wouldn’t help you to lose weight or would have you gain weight but it’s true.  Over exercising can use up your available Free T3 and leave you with little to support your mitochondria and the conversion of energy from the food you’ve been eating, meaning it will get stored in the body as fat.

So I’m here to tell you.  Stop beating yourself up over your weight.

It isn’t your fault. 

Now, there is some ownership in where you are today but that is another blog.  Your weight isn’t going to budge without doing some things right and even then, it might take a while.

Let’s talk about what is going on.

First, if you have an autoimmune disease, your adrenals in a state of fight or flight.  They may or may not have been there before the illness, but they are definitely there now.  And when that happens, systems that support you in that state of fight or flight become primary.  And guess what, it needs fuel to stay there so your body starts loading up on what?  Fat!!!  Fat is the energy to fuel a body in that state.

Second.  Thyroid hormones activate energy production in our mitochondria.  The mitochondria break down nutrients which helps to create energy in your cells.  If there is not enough active thyroid hormone, T3, cell metabolism slows down.

All of the triggers that we struggle with and contribute to Hashimoto’s add to the stress in the body, meaning the fight or flight mechanism so they are all contributing to the retention of fat.

Dysglycemia is a big deal.  It is defined at either hypoglycemia or insulin resistance or both.  Anyone struggling with Hashi’s also struggles with blood sugar issues and/or the bodies ability to make and absorb insulin.  This again is another blog, but this is a huge component of Hashi’s and weight loss and healing from Hashi’s cannot happen as long as you are struggling with either or both of these.

And even during the healing process, weight loss can be difficult. 

All of the triggers contributing to your illness must be remedied.  And even then, hormone issues can still contribute until they are worked out.  And the damage to the thyroid may be such that the weight might always be a struggle.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story.  When I first started the healing process, I lost about 15 lbs.  Almost immediately.  It was wonderful.  But healing happens in layers.  And once I handled the easy layers my body decided to pay more attention to the more difficult layers.  Now, I have never eaten so healthy in my entire life.  I have limited the sugar, compared to what it once was.  I eat more vegetables than I ever have.  It has been a huge effort for me to make these steps but I wanted to heal and so I did.  The weight began to creep back on.  Inflammation set in again and before I knew it, I was back to where I started.  Sucked.  Pissed me off and still does honestly.  So, I do understand where you are.

Here’s the reality when it comes to healing.

Being healthy is more important than weight loss. 

Once you are healthy, you can begin the process of determining what it is going to take for your body to eliminate the extra weight, if possible.  It takes determining the proper ratio of fats, starches, protein and veggies for you.  And what foods can be eaten at what time of the day and in what combinations.

Oh ya, it can be hard.  But there are ways of figuring this out eventually.  Body typing is a good start.  Another blog.  Haha.

First steps first.  Heal yourself. Take your life back.  It is so important that you realize living like this is no way to live and that there are answers.

Are you ready to take your life back?

If you are, ready email me and tell me you want a Vitality Breakthrough Session.  I have 5 openings between this week before class begins.  You can reach me at


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