Is Remission Even Possible?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I wanted to explore some thoughts this week about homeostasis because that is what we strive for in our healing process.  We want to get our numbers down below 10 because that means we have met our goal.  That means we are in remission.  But what if that doesn’t happen?  Is remission even possible? 

I know remission has happened for some with Hashimoto’s, but I also know others that have been working on it forever despite doing everything right. 

Has it happened for me?  No.

And I have clients that despite managing their triggers still have numbers that are higher than they would like. 

Does that mean they are still feeling sick?

No, not at all.  They feel great.  I feel great.   

They have regained their energy.  They reduced their inflammation significantly.  They are enjoying their lives as much healthier women.  But still they wonder why they haven’t gotten their numbers to a place that would put them into remission. 

I think there are a couple of reasons why some of us have a hard time getting the numbers down that low. 

I talk about the three things needed to develop an autoimmune disease. 

  1. Genetics
  2. Leaky gut
  3. Triggers

All are required but that is the physical side of the illness.  I sneak the 4th contributor in somewhere along the line in my programs when I’m talking to my wonderful clients.  Trauma is present for everyone with autoimmune.  And trauma can just be lots and lots of stress which can traumatize the body.  And they are also discovering that we can carry ancestral stress through our DNA.  Lovely.  As if we need more help, right?  I think not but reality is a bitch isn’t she.  Yes she is.  

With that, the latent stress effects or trauma are still wreaking havoc on the adrenals, creating a fight or flight situation in the body, adding to the inflammation.  It will keep the numbers higher.  I do suspect I fall into this category somewhat.  My personality certainly contributes if I’m honest.

And working through trauma is another healing process in itself. 

It takes time for the body to realize that it isn’t really in a state of fight or flight.  That it can let go of the burned stress response.  It does take some work but so worth it. 

Marisa Wandeler (Autoimmune Series interviewee) and I were talking about remission.  She also has Hashimoto’s and Celiac disease.  Her thought is that for those of us that were or have been sick a long time, the body has had to make big shifts to support us through the illness and it takes a set.  It becomes our new homeostasis, our new normal.  And it might just be that our numbers will move until they hit that new normal and then moving them from that place will be a much slower process.  If it is even possible at all.  I tend to agree with her as well.  I have seen it with myself and my clients as well. 

And it can be frustrating if you have set your sites on remission. 

You may have to adjust your goal to be more based on the way that you feel.  I recommend that to start anyway.  It is a relatively easy win once you commit to the healing process.  And it really is about the way you feel isn’t it?  Remission wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you still felt like shit.  Perspective.  Haha. 

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