Is Your Gas Getting Stinky?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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So, is your gas getting stinky?  Tummy/digestive issues?  Constipation?  What the heck is going on. We will talk about this a little later in the blog.  For now, let’s talk about life.

I just read something my daughter posted on her Insta page.  Made me laugh out loud.

“Gas cheapest its been in 30 years, can’t drive. Flight’s dirt cheap, can’t fly.  We’re stuck in the middle of a fucking Alanis Morisette song”.

Cracked me up. 

Oh my, I am moving into week 3 of being sequestered in my home.  What am I doing?  Right now, I’m listening to Glen Campbell. Don’t ask me why.  I heard one of his songs while I was binge watching ‘Ozark’ on Netflix this weekend, so I had to purchase his greatest hits on iTunes.  And by the way, it is all drama and hard to stop watching.  I hate to admit that I am now in Season 3 and I started watching Friday night.  K. I know but what else is a girl to do.  haha.  Watch Ozark.  Sheesh.  And listen to Glen Campbell.

What else am I doing? 

As I said, I’m an introvert.  I love working at home, but I know we can’t all be introverts.  I do feel for my extrovert friends and clients.  You must be climbing the walls.

But it does have its challenges, even for introverts. And I think no matter how much I try to avoid the stress of the situation, the unknown of it all still affects me.  I am able to focus on working but that helps me avoid.  I forget to go outside.  I find myself running out of time and I was a master of multi-tasking.  That is failing me now.  I am tired.  I’m not eating until after lunch.  I am living in my pj’s because I don’t care.  It’s fun, but it doesn’t promote tackling the day.  And I’ve had to force myself to go downstairs and clean which is unusual for me.

It does affect us all in different ways no matter who we are and how we are avoiding.

And I found myself getting sick this weekend.  Started last week, Thursday maybe.  Headache, phlegmy coughs, sore throat, stomach aches, warmer than usual.  I don’t know if it was due to the virus, which it could be, or just my bodies response to stress, my spring allergy response, or because I’ve been locked up in my house for the most part.  I have no idea.  I feel better today.

If it was the virus, that was easy.  If it was a stress response that might not be good.

What did I do? 

I decided I need more self-care time.  Hence binge-watching Ozark, serious over achiever.  However, it is a little stressful watching it.  The drama is serious.  But it was nice to just be.

I also got a little more serious with my eating.  I know I need my greens.  But I also need root veggies.  More salads.  Made a beef soup with some spinach, parsnip, garlic, onions, carrots, and celery.  Used some Bison bone broth that I found at the store as my base.  It was yummy.  Focusing on my veggies.  And I have at least 2 servings of fruit per day.  And I upped my Vitamin C a little bit to get me through it.

I also allowed myself to have some gluten free pancakes.  They are a comfort food.  I love the maple syrup, in moderation of course.  But yummy.  And my belly loved them with some clean bacon.  Mmmm.  Very satisfying.

I slept a lot. 

I didn’t get out of bed until at least 10:30am, maybe 11.  I love to sleep.  So why not.

See I’m not perfect.  I teach this stuff but I still have to live, although within the boundaries, but I do allow myself some room for living.  It isn’t just perfection.  And I think that is also part of surviving this.

I was chatting with the lovely Hollie Clere (Social Media Advisor) this morning.  She helps me with my social media.  She said she’s hearing from lots of her friends that they are struggling with upset tummies, poop issues (Haha or not if you are constipated), bad gas, etc etc.  I know, here we go.  All the things I get to talk with my clients about but not subjects that people want to talk about it.  The struggle is real.

Why is that?

If you haven’t been a terribly healthy eater and you haven’t been feeling too bad until recently, maybe since this virus ordeal happened, your body might be stress overloaded.

Your body can only tackle so many things.  And we do live stressful lives.  So, if this has turned up the volume on your stress level, maybe some of the other necessary functions are being affected.  Stress affects your gut health.  Stress affects motility.  I know what is that?  It was a nice way of saying your ability to poop.  And your ability to poop is a big statement of your current state of health.  It also creates bloating and gas.  And when the your gut is upset, it certainly won’t smell like roses.  Nope, more like something crawled up there and died.  You know what I mean.

And increased stress means a weakened immune system.  Not good.

My recommendation:  Fix your diet asap. 

Give your body the resources to tackle the stress and the virus.  And I’m going to help you.

I have attached two diet cheat sheets to this if you are receiving this in an email from me.  If not, you can email me for the sheet.

And when eliminating gluten, you must replace it correctly with specific foods.  Don’t ever eliminate gluten without the proper food replacements. And yes, gluten must be eliminated.  Longer conversation than I have time for this week, but I have also attached my Eliminating Gluten E-book to help guide you through the process.

I’m going to get bossy now. 

Change your diet, replace it with the proper foods.  Eliminate the crappy process foods.  Love your body through this.

Change your kitchen, change your body, change your life.

Catch you next week.

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