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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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Truer words were never said.  Keep Calm and Trust the Process.

I do get asked quite often how long it is going to take for the healing process. 

To give you a definitive answer would mean that I’m lying to you. 

The best answer that I have is “I don’t know”. 

Everyone is different 

When you have met one woman with Hashimoto’s, you have met one woman with Hashimoto’s.

Each woman will have a different combo of symptoms, a different combo of triggers.

Does that mean the healing process is different for every woman? 


The structure of healing is still the same.  We always start with the foundation first to support health in your body the right way. 

However, the level of dysfunction that you have will be different than every other woman I work with.

Your resilience to the illness will be different than every other woman I work with.

Your ability to heal will be different than every other woman I work with.

And it just takes time.

It takes time to reverse the damage that has had years to break down. 

And it also depends on the triggers that you have. 

Triggers also follow a process and take time to eradicate.  And you can’t do them all at once. 

However, what I will tell you is that once you start feeding and supporting your body the right way, 90% of the women I work with begin to feel better relatively quickly.

This depends of course on how committed you are to eating the right way. 

It can be hard, but the commitment will give you improvement, which means you will have the energy to stay the course. 

The 10% that don’t see improvement as quickly have bigger issues that will have to be investigated but they still need to stay the course. 

The foundational support is important to help the body heal and is still working despite not actually seeing results. 

The structured process supports your whole body and it is amazing how it can heal when supported the right way. 

As the inflammation reduces, sleep and exercise improve, stresses are lowered, your body can focus on healing rather than constantly putting out little fires with a garden hose. 

It now has the tools to put healing effort into the areas that really need it but it does take time.    

So, Keep Calm and Trust the Process. 

It really does work. 

Have a great rest of your week. 

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