Lost Your Quality of Life?

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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How do you define your quality of life? 

This is how I define mine.

  1. Feeling good when I get up in the morning after a good night’s sleep.
  2. Having enough energy to get through my day, all the way until I go to bed.
  3. Energy enough to workout after a workday.
  4. Stamina to hike or kayak or play softball or ice climb.
  5. Getting a good night’s sleep.
  6. Thinking clearly.
  7. Being able to spend time with my kids and people that are important to me without having to plan around my fatigue, or weakness, or pain, or brain fog.

That probably isn’t that way you would have originally defined your quality of life.  I know that wasn’t how I did.  I know my old definition took my health for granted.  Now my entire definition revolves around my ability to feel healthy.

Is this how your quality of life is going? 

  1. Going to bed immediately after dinner without enjoying time with your family because you are so exhausted.
  2. Waking up at 3am and being unable to get back to sleep or not sleeping at all.
  3. Wishing you could sleep until 10 or 11 because your best sleep is from 5am – 10 am.
  4. Eating a favorite food knowing will be in crippling pain.
  5. Losing only one handful of hair in the shower.
  6. Forgetting where you put your keys for the 3rd time this week because of the brain fog.
  7. Missing your child’s event because you don’t have the energy to go.
  8. Weight gain continues despite every effort.
  9. Going into the doctor’s office hoping for a miracle and being disappointed because it never comes, you are just feeling worse and worse.

This is your quality of life with Hashi’s and it get’s worse.  Are you digging it? 

I didn’t think so.  The problem is you are so busy, hanging on, just trying to get through the day and it takes every last ounce of energy that when do you have a moment to figure it out for yourself.

And, you don’t look sick.  How many times have you been told that? 

Or, you’re just doing this for attention.  Or you are just pretending so you don’t have to blah, blah, blah.

And you feel like you are on an island, all alone.  Nobody understands.  They couldn’t even if they tried.  They have no idea that your quality of life has reduced so far into the mire that you feel like you are dying on the inside.  Not just physically.  But mentally you are doing everything you can not to just give up.  Your will to be there for your family, hoping to find something, one little thing so that you can love them they way you think they deserve.  That is the only thing keeping you going.  But you are dying on the inside.  And you know without an answer, you will eventually give up because this is not sustainable.

Not everyone with Hashi’s has arrived at this place, but many of you are there living this quality of life and am so sorry for that. 

I know this quality of life.  I don’t know how I did it.  You don’t know how you are doing it.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

I talk every week about the answers that are out there.  The answers that I have.  If I haven’t heard from you, do you doubt me?  Are you afraid of me? You shouldn’t be.  I am your advocate.  I have built my entire business to help you heal.  And heal you can.  But you can’t until you are ready.

Here’s the thing.  I know I keep saying this.  The answers aren’t in the medical community right now.  Some of them are getting it but they are far and few between right now. They will eventually catch up, but they just aren’t there right now. They don’t understand the influence diet can have in your healing.  That’s the first step and they don’t even get that.  Sad. ?

I want you to know you aren’t on an island.  I know you don’t look sick but on the inside,  you are dying.  I know that you are exhausted and can’t sleep.  I know that you are afraid of losing another strand of hair.  I know you hate the way you look because of the weight gain.  I know you feel you are failing the ones you love because you have no energy to give.  I know you.  And I know what it takes to change your quality of life to something so much better.

Will you trust me long enough to have a call with me to talk about the possibilities? 

I wish you would.  It is my mission to give you back your quality of life.  Let me help you do just that.

Email me at clientcare@yourhealthmadesimple.com.

Let me know you are ready to talk about what your life will look like when you take it back.  Let’s celebrate that and put a plan together to get you there. I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great rest of your week.


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