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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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You are probably thinking how do Love and Stress go together?  Well, yes, I would as that question too.  But before I answer that question, let me define the type of love I’m talking about.  And you might be thinking, why all the mothers and daughters on the image this week.  Well, read on and you will find out.

I’m continuing this month’s theme of self-love.

Loving yourself. And included in that is making yourself a priority. 

Stress, is what stress is.  I’ve talked about stress before.  You can find my past blogs on stress here and here.  I don’t really want to define it again in great detail but stress can affect our bodies positively and negatively.  Sadly, mostly negatively.  And if we don’t mange it, and allow it to continue, it becomes chronic and there are all kinds of things that happen ultimately resulting in disease.  So, bottom line is stress is not good.

To answer the question how do love and stress go together? 

Well they don’t.  Not if you aren’t managing your stress.  You honestly can’t be loving yourself or making yourself a priority if you aren’t managing your stress.  Hopefully you read the blog from last week.  Well, ok, if you didn’t you can find it here.

I gave you 10 tips last week for taking yourself off the backburner of your life.  To start the process of lowering your stress but making yourself a priority in your life.  Have you planned those 10 things into your life?

Ok, it sounds like I’m scolding.  Ya.  I am.

But I’m not just scolding you.  I’m scolding me too. 

What have I done with that list?

Did I schedule those 10 things into my GYST system? I was going to say well, but if I’m going to be honest, nope I didn’t.

Let’s run through the list and see how I’m doing.

  1. An essential oil bath – Nope.  Did I clean out my bathtub?  I made an effort in both of them.  I’m not really a bather but I do, as I’ve said like it when I’m in there.  I’ve even thought about what oil I would us.  I’m thinking lavender.  Do I sound like I’m making excuses?  Yep, I am.
  2. Plan me into my week – I have me in my week in my head. And I started this weekend but sitting, just sitting and watching tv differently than I normally would.  I didn’t have my computer or a book that I was reading at the same time.  I just sat there, and I fell asleep both times.  For two hours.  And I have time for me for my rolfing planned next week.  And I have a concert at the end of the week.  So, I have a few fun things in there for me.  And I made time for the gym and my stair machine.  I think I did ok here.  Maybe a 7 because I still don’t have the other things put into my scheduler yet.
  3. Stop to breathe.   Terrible at remembering to do this.  I’m going to put a reminder in my phone.  Right now, actually.  Be back in a sec. Ok, it is in as a reminder 4 times.  9, 12, 3, 5.
  4. Learn a new stress management technique. I’m adding breathing so I’m good for now.  I will also be adding TRE regularly starting next week.  3 days per week in the evenings.
  5. Tell yourself these 3 things every morning. Haven’t hit them every morning but I absolutely do this more than I don’t.
  6. Get a pedicure.   I have to schedule this.
  7. Schedule a girl’s outing. I am doing that right now actually.  A little bit work related but so much just fun time and really enjoying my time with my friend.  But I do need less work, more of this.
  8. Plan a date night. Yep, got this covered.
  9. Find a book I can’t put down. I have a couple of these going right now.  Always in the middle of a book.
  10. Take myself off the backburner of my life. Working on it.  Not quite there but I am definitely working on it.

How are you doing with it all?  Can you sit down and go through this list and see how you are doing?

Why is it so hard? 

I will tell you why it is hard for me.  I have spent my life worrying about everyone else.  I have never scheduled time for me.  It feels a little selfish and a little awkward.  A little uncomfortable.  But it’s also silly isn’t it.  Because we have a life to live too.  A quality life.  And guess what, our daughters are watching us.  Don’t we want more for them?  Don’t we want them to be strong self-caring women?  Yes, we do.

So, take 15 min and manage this list.  Plan these things out for you. You still have two weeks left in the month to get it done.  And then plan it all in there again for next month.

Have a great rest of your week.


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