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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I don’t know about you, but I get tired of feeling like I’m harping about health, health, health.  And much of the time people either look at me like a deer in the headlights, completely deny what I’m saying, or just don’t acknowledge what I have to say.  So, rather than another blog that feels like your mother lecturing you, I thought I would share about my Mother’s Little Helpers struggles and a funny supplement story.

First, I hate supplements.

I get they are mother’s little helper.  Not in the Rolling Stones kind of a way.  They are actually very beneficial for me.  However.

Might as well be honest.  I really don’t like them.  I’m not good at taking them but I do get them into my body most days, at the times I’m suppose to.  It is part of me not really prioritizing myself and also being controlled by a significant handful of pills, but these are my issues and for another blog.

The other issue that I have is that I have a hard time swallowing them. 

I was going to say not the actual swallowing of the pill, but I do have an issue convincing my body to swallow them.  I do get them down.   The bigger issue is that my esophagus struggles to do its job and, on more occasions than I like, they get stuck.  Mostly at night but it has happened in the morning as well.  Most times at night, I’m taking them in my bed before I lay down to go to sleep.  Sadly, I’m not up moving around to help the process.  I lay down, knowing there is one stuck in there.

Eventually it dissolves and creates some discomfort.  Well, more like a burning. 

But, my bad, because I’m too lazy to get up and manage it before it becomes an issue.  But that isn’t the funny story.

I was visiting my wonderful daughter last year.  We were getting into the car to go somewhere.  I had just taken my supplements and knew it wasn’t quite right, of course.  But as usually, I was just rolling with it.  Brit was talking away to me and it required a response.

In that moment, I felt the stuck capsule pop and as I was answering her this strange little puff of powder exited my mouth mid-sentence. 

Now this was funny for so many reasons.  Mostly because I’m a child and things like this amuse me.  Secondly because I was the only one that saw it.  It was hilarious and now I’m trying to explain this to her while I am gagging and laughing.  It was burning my throat, but I couldn’t stop laughing imagining the little puff coming out of my mouth and realizing how ridiculous this all is.  And ridiculous it was.

I couldn’t finish the explanation.  She is laughing because I’m laughing and trying to understand what the hell is going on, but I had to leave and run to get a drink.  And hopefully wash this stuff down so that it would stop burning my throat.

The drama of a pill.

It was very dramatic in a good way.  Definitely something to talk about because here I am talking about it.  It was funny and stupid all at the same time.  And I’m sure there was a lesson learned somewhere in there, but I haven’t learned the lesson.  Clearly.  I went to bed last night and took my pills right before laying down with another pill stuck in my throat.

Awww.  Life as me.  The adventure continues.

And that is all I have for today.  Just a glimpse into the world of me.  Struggling like all of you to make it my best healthy life while laughing at myself and just doing the best I can.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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