My Crazy Healing Journey Part 2

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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When I left off last week, I was 4.5 years into my crazy healing journey.

Was I done?  No!

As I said, my numbers were rising.  I had a few conversations with my mentors and they were always nicely suggesting that my kitchen should be gluten free.  Was it?  NO.  I thought I was.  I had separate silverware, separate pans and utensils, dishes, glasses.  But the reality was that it was spread throughout the kitchen.  On the sponge that was used to clean up and wash dishes.  I couldn’t get away from it.

Was it an easy process?  Of course not. 

Besides not really believing the effects of gluten, other family members were not interested in eating gluten free but after a very difficult discussion I took my kitchen gluten free. Guess what, my numbers dropped over 200 points in just two months.  It felt like a victory.  Not just for my body but also for what I had been saying for years.  I was validated and the proof was in the numbers.  Yes!!!  But still no remission.

I am a child of the ‘60’s and I was very aware of the fact that I had metal fillings.  We always called them silver fillings because they look silver.  Little did I know until I got into my certification training that they also contained mercury.

What?  Yes, it’s true. 

So, every time I eat something hot, it is outgassing and when I clench my teeth when I sleep or am under stress, they are outgassing.  And yes, through the outgassing process it is making it into my system.  I knew this but not only does healing happen in layers, so does treatment.  You can’t treat for metals until you handle the pathogens because the endo-toxins associated with the pathogens will shut down the metal detox.

And in the process of doing the pathogen protocols, I introduced incredible pain in my back.  Not sure where than came from but it took several months to work that out so no exercising.  Again, another layer.  I made some shifts to what I was doing, eating, and supplementing with.  I worked with my chiropractor and medical trainer to work thought it.  And then I tested for Mercury.

Before I get into the results of the Mercury test, I wanted to dive into genetic testing.  Is it a good thing?  Maybe, maybe not.  I did however complete the 23&Me testing, more from a health perspective than anything but the results of all the pieces that contribute to me was quite interesting.  Everyone else I know that has done the test is relatively this and that.  Meaning a mix of only one or two nationalities.  Not me.  I’m a mutt through and through.  One side of the family is completely British.  The other was very adventurous, having fun all around the globe.  Might explain a thing or two.  Anyway, the outcome of the health portion of the testing gives me a file that I can run through a program to get my genetic anomalies and I was specifically looking for the MTHFR genetic variation.  And yes, I have it.  Not the less dramatic version of the variation.  Nope, the worst possible variation of that lovely little gene.  And for those of you that know me, you are aware of the colorful metaphors I can engage in.  I do have a name based on the acronym for this gene.

The bottom line is that because of this variation, I can only detox at 20% even at my best which meant besides all the other stuff I don’t detox well, I definitely didn’t detox the mercury well.  My mercury testing revealed that I had 8 times the level of mercury in my body than is considered ok.  Also explaining a few things like why, despite everything I was doing right, I still had inflammation and my weight was creeping up.

Dammit.  Really? 

And I was very unhappy about all of this.  The MTHFR gene is a massive pain in the ass.  It requires a lot of effort but it is the least of my worries at this point.  I had to do a metal detox.  It meant no exercise for another 2 months.  It is extremely hard on the body.  And besides the fact that it pulls out mercury, it also leeches minerals as well.  And it is a 2.5 hour process every morning now just to do what is needed for the system to pull the mercury and all my other supplements.  Am I beside myself at this point?  Yes.  But I’m determined.  I haven’t come this far to just throw in the towel now.  So, here I go.

Let’s talk a little bit about Mercury and where it hides.  When you test, it requires a hair, urine and blood sample.  The sample of hair has to be cut to your scalp because they need the 1” closest to the scalp and they need 200 hairs for evaluation.  And this will be done twice.  Once before and once after.  I highly recommend if you have to do this, you use a hair dresser that can hide what has been cut.  Ya, the SO said he would do it.  I don’t think so.  They need the other two samples to determine what is hanging out in your liver, kidneys and gut.

After 2 months of this, I retested.  But this time I also tested for additional metals like cadmium, lead, etc.  My mercury levels were awesome.  But both lead and cadmium were approaching out of range.

Why weren’t they captured during the metal detox?  Apparently, they hide in different places like your bones.  They require a different detox process.  And so this is where I sit because I was unwilling to not be able to work out for another 2 months minimum.  I want to enjoy my spring and summer without having to worry about a significant protocol.  I feel very good right now and want to keep it there for awhile.  I will take it on in the fall.  And hopefully that is the last of it.

Because of the MTHFR, I do have to use a charcoal binder several times a week to keep moving any exposure I might be getting out of my system before it makes it to my organs or my bones.  I also take a daily detox assist.  And I take glutathione and vitamin C to help my body detox as best as it is going to.  I will need this help for the rest of my life.  I figure it is a small price to pay for living well.

How do I define living well?  I can spend 15-20 min on a stair machine without being winded.  I can hike and climb elevation without having to stop and regroup.  I can be busy all day long if I chose to and no longer need a nap in the middle of the day.  I haven’t felt like this since I was 35.  That was 20 years ago.  Every step I have taken, every pity party, every minute spent has been worth it for me to get to this place.  To feel like myself again.  It’s the most amazing feeling.

And the journey continues.


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