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By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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I talk about stress a lot.  And although I teach about the effects of stress and techniques that will help to manage stress, I still don’t do well with it.  I am the worst at making myself a priority when it comes to some things, like managing my stress.  But one thing I love to do is to sit in my peaceful place.

I love this space. 

I posted a picture of it on Sunday and I’ve included another here with the blog.  I was sitting out there in the early evening, watering the garden and working while the sun went down.  Working on a Sunday?  Haha.  Not really managing my stress one might say but I was sitting in my peaceful place. I could smell the wet soil and I love that smell.  Especially after the rains.  I can hear the sound of my fountain which I love to listen to.  It is sort of like the sound of a brook running.  The birds are singing.  The sky is a beautiful blue and there is just the slightest breeze.  And every now and then, Gus the silly rottweiler barks at something that shouldn’t be in the neighborhood.

I can’t imagine sitting anywhere else in this moment.

This is the biggest combatant of stress for me. I would be out here every day if I could.  It soothes my soul right down to its core.  But life doesn’t always make it possible or I give something a priority higher than what I need for myself so when I do get out here, I cherish every second.  The only thing missing is a buddha statue.  I haven’t exactly found the one I want but when I do, it will be complete, until next year.  Haha.

I know not everyone is able to have what I have in their backyard.  Maybe you don’t have a backyard.  Maybe it is only a small deck or veranda.  Maybe you don’t have outside space at all.  But a peaceful place can be created, and it doesn’t have to be a lot.  Maybe it is a space in your bedroom near an open window.  Or if you live in the city, maybe you will have to make do with the sounds of nature.  You can find apps to help you with that.  I do that in winter.  I have a small space upstairs.  I found a pillow to for a papasan chair on clearance and I sit on that on the floor with my headphones and listen to the sounds of nature to take me to my peaceful place.  I also write my gratitudes in the morning and work through my thoughts for the day here as well.

My point is to create an environment that is either physically real or in your mind that can give you the feeling of peace. 

A place to unwind every day.  To bring you back to the reality of what is most important.  A place where you can lose the drama of the day.  Or to even start the day from the perspective of being in that space.  A place that reminds you to love yourself first and foremost.  Because you can’t give someone everything you have to give if you can’t love yourself first.

And I know, some of you might like an idea or two.  So, what do I have in my space?  I have pictures of things that are important to me.  I have a couple of my dad.  I have a picture of my kids.  I have books that I’ve read and have been impactful.  I have my gratitude journal.  I have a piece of art that I made that reminds me to trust myself.  I have a statue of a Native American head to remind me of my heritage and a picture of wolves because I love them.  I have crystals that I use to help me focus my energy.  I have a soft fuzzy blanket for cold mornings and a pillow that I can rest against the wall on to make it softer.

It is a space that speaks to me and makes me feel safe. 

And that is what I want you to create for you.  Your peaceful Place.

Let me know how it goes.  Send me pictures of your space.  I’d love to see them.

Have a great rest of your week.

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