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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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As if it isn’t bad enough that so many of us are stricken with chronic illness and disease, our children are struggling with it too.

Why you might ask?  There are so many reasons. 

The biggest reason is the food they eat.  Toooooo much sugar.  Toooo much non-nutritious food.  Junk food, processed food, sodas, Gatorade (no it isn’t good for them).  What about those wonderful juice boxes?  Not so wonderful.  Lunchables, Happy Meals, etc, etc, etc.  All of it contributes to the breakdown of the microbiome and then what – leaky gut.  Add in trigger and genetics and they have a full blown autoimmune disease.

There are other reasons.  If you are not healthy, by the true definition of what being healthy really means, your baby’s microbiome is likely born compromised.  Add to that the biggest reason, the one I just talked about above and they are getting sick very young.

If you are under large amounts of stress when you are pregnant, it is likely your baby will be born with a compromised microbiome.

If your child is a C-Section baby, the microbiome is compromised.

If you didn’t breast feed long enough to really help develop the microbiome, it is compromised.

Etc, Etc, Etc. 

I know, it really sounds like the deck is stacked against them and in some cases, it really is but it can be turned around.  With the right support, their little bodies can heal much faster than ours.  They are young and have been subjected to much less stress, poor food, toxins, etc.  And I’m not just talking the littles.  I mean our big kids too, the young adults.  They can heal so much faster as well.

I was fortunate to have some wonderful referrals of children and young adults and in the process of working with them and their families, I was amazed at not only the results but how quickly they began to turn around.

I think it is because of a few things.  They don’t have the chronic stress that adults in most cases must overcome.  Stress can play a huge role in illness.  They are open minded.  They may have spent years in the current medical model, but they are open to trying new things and they are more adaptive than the adults that I work with.  And their bodies are just newer.  Most will heal faster because they haven’t been subject to the years of abuse.  They have amazing support in their parents.  Most adults are a one person show and will have to figure it out on their own.  It is hard slowing life down to implement what is needed to heal.  But most parents will go to the ends of the earth to support their children in the healing process and that is crucial in their success.

What is required to heal for a child?  It really is the same.  The Autoimmune Protocol is key to reducing inflammation in the body.  It can be hard tho because the food is so restrictive.  I do have some ideas up my sleeve for making this easier.  Stay tuned for this.

It is imperative to fix the leaky gut and that means supplements.  And there may be a few more to speed up the healing process depending on what they might be struggling with.

And the food sensitivities need to be eliminated.  It is important to figure out what foods are creating issues.  There are a couple of tests that help to figure this out.

It is that easy to start and for most it will make a huge difference. 

I have really enjoyed working with these families and watching their children improve the way they are living with autoimmune dramatically.  For this reason, I have decided to add a program into my business to support parents of children with autoimmune.  I am so excited to add this into what I offer.

I am currently looking for clients for this program.  If you know of families that are lost as to the next steps to help their children with autoimmune, send them way.  I would love to talk with them about what is possible and to help stop the suffering.

Have a great rest of your week.


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