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Why Work with Me?

I have been in your shoes.  I have been that woman that couldn’t be there for my family because I was too exhausted at the end of my day and needed to lie down.  I have slept for 20 hours to try to regain my energy.  I have been to the doctors and been told nothing is wrong with me.  My heart skipped beats for years and they couldn’t discover why.  I had a gallbladder attack on vacation and wound up in the hospital.  I had emergency surgery to stop my monthly bleeding because they thought I might have a heart attack or a stroke if it continued at the current level of bleeding during my monthly cycle.  I exhausted 40% of the hemoglobin in my body resulting in chronic dry mouth and hair loss.  I could keep going but the bottom line is that I live with Hashimoto’s too, the ups and the downs of it.  I have it and got tired of all of the issues that come with it and I changed my life.  I understand the trials and tribulations of that journey.

Now, I realize that isn’t enough so…..

What Else Do I Bring to the Table?

So, what do you get if you work with me?

Ultimately that depends on your goals and if you are just looking to living healthier or truly getting to the root cause of your health issues.

Whether you are going for a general health improvement program or a full on Hashimoto’s program, all programs will cover the lifestyle improvements that are needed to support your body properly.  Lifestyle improvements are a great place to start, especially if finances are a consideration.  If you are truly struggling with your health and looking for improvements, a more in depth program will likely be required. Lifestyle improvements may not be enough, your body may require more support to heal.

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Stories you are going to tell yourself

  • I can’t afford to pay for these programs

•  I don’t have the time

• I don’t have the energy to
devote to changing my life

I told myself these stories as well.  I’m here to tell you that you sooner or later you are going to have to find the support somewhere.  It might not be me, but it is going to be somebody.  And, you can’t symptom treat and expect to get better; it is not going to happen.  The more you delay, the more your ultimate costs will increase.  You will become a bigger burden to your family, your relationships will suffer. 

You have got to get selfish.  You can’t be what you want to your family if you don’t put yourself first right now.  Choose you and register for your Free Discovery Call right now.  It’s a phone call.  There are no other strings attached.  Let’s chat about your current health issues and see what makes sense for you. 

I can’t wait to hear from you.  Click on the button at the top of this page and begin your journey into taking back your life with Hashimoto’s.