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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that there have been a lot more people out and about lately.  I think they are over Sheltering in Place and I understand that.  I’m not so concerned about everyone being out and about as I am about the lesson learned from this Pandemic. I’m hoping we didn’t miss it.

I think everyone else has things that they have learned, and I do not want to diminish those for you.

What I do want to do is maybe add one big one to your list if it is not on there. 

We are a very global world right now with the mighty dollar driving so much of that.  I’m pretty sure, despite all of the drama, fear, financial struggles, loss, etc, etc. this isn’t going to change much with the reality of it happening again very high.  We need to expect that it will.

The lesson learned is that we are not, as a whole, very healthy people.  Not even close.  40% of this country, as I have said a couple of times, either has pre-diabetes or diabetes. We have 30%, minimum, of our population with autoimmune diseases.


How did we allow ourselves to go so far down this rabbit hole?  It is a very significant rabbit hole.

First time we get caught with our pants down, shame on somebody else.  Big business, China, Food manufacturers, etc, etc.

Second time though is a very different story of shame.  This time, the shame will be on us.  Each and everyone of us if we aren’t ready for it.

It will happen again. 

I know, you might have made it through this time unscathed.  I hope you did.  If you were one of the ones that lost people unnecessarily, I am so sorry.  My heart goes out to you.  This world has lost a bit of its humanity and we seem to have become expendable like everything else, sadly.

Next time could be much worse.  

What can you do?

First – commit to getting healthier.  A stronger, healthier body, foundation has the ability to fight.  We are little miracles and we have our own army inside of us that can do great things when we support them the right way.

Second – Actually do it, get healthier.

Ok, so there might be a few more action items needed in there.  You can figure out what those are on your own or you can find a program to walk you through getting healthier.  That’s probably actually your first action item.  Decide if you would rather navigate the waters to health on your own or finding someone to help you get there.

Up to you.  But don’t wait another day.  Do it.  Make the commitment to be healthy and make it happen.  I wish I could be behind every one of you kicking you in the ass to make it happen, but I can’t.

I can only kick your ass with my words.

Please, take this as an ass kicking. 

And if you are interested in letting me walk you through the action items to health, I would be more than happy to do it.  You can find more info on my program at the link below.

What Being Health Really Means

Have a wonderful week!!

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