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By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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Love the picture.  Doesn’t it just make your mouth water?  It does mine.  I miss me some pancakes smothered with some sugary fruit substance, covered in whipped cream.  But, is this what you want for your health?  I don’t either but i do still miss it.

I realized several years ago that being angry about what I couldn’t have anymore wasn’t serving me at all  I turned that frown upside down.  I had to.  Otherwise I would be a bitter old woman and that is not what I want for my life.  What a waste.

What did I do?

I decided that recreating healthier versions or finding recipes for healthier versions of things I loved was a much better solution.

Do they taste as good?  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes no.  But the reality is that they can be satisfying.  I don’t have to live a completely limited life from a food perspective.  I can make gluten free pancakes.  I can cover it in real strawberries and homemade whipped cream made with maple syrup instead of sugar.  And guess what.  I appreciate them just as much as I would that stack of pancakes from those amazing breakfast restaurants full of gluten,  and covered in chemically laden whipped cream and HFCS strawberry syrup.

Change your outlook, find alternative solutions and appreciate what you can have and what it won’t do to you.  You will feel better in the long run and sooner than later, you won’t want the bad crap anymore.

Have a fabulous week.

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