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I had a person ask me if discussing this week’s blog was uncomfortable for me.  The whole “Shhhhh!!” thing.  You know, your vaginal health.

And the reality is that a year ago I might have said “Yeah!”.

But not anymore! 

As an older woman, that is post-menopausaul and nurturing her thyroid, there is a vaginal reality that is not being talked about.

And if you too are a woman nurturing her thyroid, you don’t have to be post-menopausal to have issues.

Thyroid issues is going to mean hormone issues and guess what?

When that happens, the Hoohah isn’t going to work properly all the way around.

And another sad reality, as I have said before, is that there isn’t money in the Vag.  

Meaning, grants aren’t given for these kinds of issues to be researched, not the way they are given for men’s issues.

But there are two pioneers out there doing research for us women and I was able to listen to one of these angels at the Microbiome Conference a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to share some of what I learned as I think it is important.

We don’t just have one microbiome in our bodies.  

We have several.  Gut, oral, lung, eye, etc, etc.

And ya, there is a vaginal microbiome.

It has to be healthy too for our bodies to operate properly.

UTI’s, yeast infections, pregnancy issues, menses issues, etc, etc. are all a result of the health of your microbiome, including your vaginal microbiome.

And it is also very dependent on estrogen.

What does that mean?  

Well, if you hormones are jacked, then the microbiome changes.

And an unhealthy Hoohah means problems for you.

And if you are post-menopausal, without the estrogen, the vaginal microbiome can become non-existent.

The lack of estrogen can result in a very dry environment, making sex very uncomfortable.

And the tissues thin out and become very sensitive to the friction resulting in aggravation.

UTI’s and infections increase as the tissue is aggravated and there is no bacteria present to fight the infections.  

And, as a matter of information, most UTI’s are coming from your men and your toys.

Both should be cleaned well prior to pleasure to ensure that you aren’t battling what they are bringing to the party.

Don’t do what they do in the movies and lie there enjoying the moment after the party. 

Peeing immediately after is necessary, to flush out foreign visitors.

And then clean your toys again.

Let’s continue this discussion about your toys.

I know, I just made you really uncomfortable but it’s ok.

It’s just between you and me right now.

And I never would have thought of this until the wonderful Dr. Mary Regan talked about this.

She had been working with a woman for over a year and couldn’t get rid of her infections until a colleague said “Did you ask her about her toys?”

And I thought “Oh my, I have not asked my clients about their toys either.”

If you own a toy, it is very likely not terribly healthy for you even if you do keep it clean.

Likely made of latex and contains additional ingredients that aren’t serving you.

Apparently the Swede’s make amazingly clean toys.

So, consider getting rid of your toy for something much better for you.  

You can find cleaner options here.

We also can’t end this conversation without discussing lubricants.

I have previously suggested the use of coconut or jojoba oil.

Particularly as you get older.

Lubricant helps eliminate the friction and tissue irritation.  

Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, etc and might unfortunately be wiping out your vaginal microbiome.

Might not be the best first choice for you.

Jojoba oil does work well.

During her talk, Dr. Regan talked about a product called Good Clean Love.

You can find it at your chain pharmacies or Target.

It does need to be kept in the refrigerator.

Good luck hiding it from your kids.  haha.

But it is a recommended product.

The good news is that my store will not just have the supplements that I use but also these products.  

You will be able to find your new toy and some Good Clean Love right there in my store.  haha.

Not quite ready but working on it.  Soon!!

And of course, it is a must that you support the health of this microbiome as well by supporting the 4 Lifestyle Factors (diet, rest, exercise, stress management) as you would your gut microbiome.

It’s amazing how just those 4 things are the foundation for all things healthy in the body.

Even a healthy Hoohah!!!

And as always, I am available to chat, even on the health of your Hoohah.

Have a wonderful week.

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