Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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Could you actually have a better life with Hashi’s?  I say yes.  Because sometimes, when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place. 

How could I say such a thing?

How can I not?

My life is infinitely better because of my Hashimoto’s. 

I used to take my life for granted. 

I used and abused my body.  I was an exercise fiend. 

I ate shit.  Strong word but it’s true.  I lived off of junk food expecting my body to survive. 

I had big time stress in my life for years and years. 

And I burned the candle at both ends.  Also, for years.

I had myself on the backburner of my life expecting my body to just deal. 

I ignored the whispers of my body.  It was talking to me. 

Digestive issues, palpitations, allergies, rashes, hives, headaches, brain fog, bloating, hair loss…

There were a lot of whispers. 

I hit up the doctor a lot to see what the heck was going on but there was nothing conclusive.  I just needed to go home and deal. 

After a while, I quit going to the doctor.  I was wasting my money. 

This was my body falling apart.  And it hit rock bottom.

My body was screaming at me. 

I’m an engineer and the answers the doctors were giving me weren’t making any sense. 

You can’t have nothing wrong when there is something happening. 

The body should operate well just like an engine unless there is something wrong. 

Well, should operate well when fueled properly.  I hadn’t been fueling it well at all.

I had to make a choice and I did. 

I chose health. 

I needed to find a way back to health and I did.  Long journey but I got there.

I went from barely being able to walk up the stairs of my house to climbing 90 ft ice walls and kayaking rivers. 

But that’s not all.

Many of you have heard that story but what you haven’t heard is that it wasn’t all I got.

I found a few things a long the way.

My passion for living my life healthy. 

I don’t ever, ever, want to be back there again. 

I have the education to keep myself healthy.

I choose to live healthy.

It is harder now because I do have autoimmune, but I can control how I feel and how I live. 

This is why I feel despite falling apart, my life has actually fallen into place.

Rather than living recklessly, disrespecting my body, hoping I stay healthy; I am focused and intentional in the way I live. 

And it is a much better life that I live. 

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