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Changing the way women look at their health

Tracy is a motivational speaker who is determined to educate  women about the effects of stress on their health and  what can be done about it. The combined stress of careers and families are resulting in increasing numbers of women with symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, anxiety, etc. and they are struggling to find answers to help resolve their health issues.  Tracy is able to simplify the science to present why it is happening and what is required to make improvements in a format that is fun, understandable, impactful, and motivating.

Tracy’s company, Your Health Made Simple™, was born out of her own health issues resulting from years and years of stress in her corporate life and being a single mom of two children. She has taken the skills from her 20 years as a mechanical engineer and experience as a project manager and married it with her certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to help women improve the way they live healthy.

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Most Requested Topics

The Superwoman STRESS FACTOR: Understanding the Reality of Your Health

What happens when your health gets in the way of your drive to success? Being a Superwoman can produce many benefits for a career such as focus, determination and getting things done but at what cost? Without knowing when to “turn it off,” this go-getter lifestyle can lead to constant stress, burnout and chronic illness. In this action driven session, Tracy, breaks down the challenges and how to survive the Superwoman stress factor. From recognizing the stress signs of Superwoman personalities to simple de-stressing techniques, walk away with a new lease on health, success and stress.

Audience take-aways:

  1. The challenges Type A personalities have with stress
  2. Understanding why your lifestyle is the key to success
  3. How to recognize good and bad stress
  4. Why stress leads to chronic illness
  5. Simple tips on how to “turn stress off”

YOUR BODY IS WHISPERING, ARE YOU LISTENING? Understanding the Effects of Stress

We have an epidemic on our hands when it comes to chronic illness and autoimmune disease and it starts in the whispers from our bodies that we ignore. Wouldn’t it be amazing if women understood the effects of stress and could be proactive in the way they approached their health? Realizing that by putting themselves as their biggest priority, they would be able to have it all and live an amazingly healthy life.

Audience take-aways:

  1. What stress does to the body
  2. Why symptoms are not normal
  3. What will happen if you don’t manage your stress
  4. What it means to put yourself first
  5. What is truly required to be healthy


Autoimmune steals time and lives. It is slow to come on and it is easy to reason away the early symptoms. As time goes on, the symptoms get worse and worse. Depression and anxiety become the norm. Fatigue sets in and makes just getting through the day a significant challenge. And all the while, still trying to support their households, raise their children, be a good wife or partner, and climbing the ladder in their career and getting no answers in the medical community. Understanding what causes autoimmune and what healing means in a simple, easy to understand format is the goal of this presentation.

Audience take-aways:

  1. What is autoimmune
  2. The way autoimmune develops
  3. An understanding of the stages of autoimmune
  4. How the body heals from autoimmune
  5. What happens if you don’t manage your autoimmune

Tracy’s Professional Credentials:

  • BSME (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Author of E-Book – Hashimoto’s Diagnosis – exhausted, confused, and feel like your life sucks.
  • Author – What Being Healthy Really Means, Program Guidebook
  • President and Owner of Your Health Made Simple™
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Educating, motivating, transforming

  • Easy to understand
  • Relevant and informative
  • Clear and concise
  • Actionable information

Tracy Gowler

The smart choice for corporations wanting to improve the way they support the health of their women employees.

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