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By Rachael 6 years ago
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We made it! Made it through the holidays, and end of 2017 is in sight. 2018 is just around the corner. A chance for growth, prosperity and fullness. What are you searching for this coming year? Is it taking control of your health, or becoming financially stable. Perhaps you are beginning a new job or you are fulfilling your dream of completing a degree. Whatever it may be, we are all in this together.

Tracy and I have some very exciting things coming for you this year. And we can’t wait to share! Before we reveal the big news, take a look at what you want to accomplish this year. With your goals in mind, we will be able to best suit your health needs. Our last thoughts for you in 2017 are to gain strength and then surrender.

It was another chilly Denver morning heading to Hot Yoga when I came across this blog post idea. I’m not sure why I always do my best thinking while walking in the bitter cold on the way to the studio. Maybe it’s my adrenaline pumping because I’m moving so fast to avoid the snow. Who knows what it is, but I’m feeling great about this idea. So I wanted to share it with you.


There is no lying that hot yoga flow is a tough class. No matter how much someone tells you “it’s not a work out” it is. I mean even just being in the hot room is difficult. SO.MUCH.SWEAT. What I have learned through taking classes is the balance between strength and surrender. In yoga terms strength means “Sthira: firm, stable, resolute and changeless. Sthira speaks to strength and endurance, as well as the ability to be present.” In my own terms, it means “my legs are burning, sweat is running into my eyes, and my arms may fall off…” In all of these poses, it’s important to remember to push my physical limits and still remain calm despite the difficulty of the posture. I find strength in my mind and my body. With every inhale, a deeper exhale challenges my strength. Strength balances my fast pace heart beat and my mind telling me to quit.


Ahhh, my favorite part of class. After all that hard work, we get to come down to our mats, lie on our backs and stretch it out. The yoga term Sukham, for surrender, translates to agreeable, easy, comfortable, and relaxed. We need to remember the principle of self-acceptance and self-love. I try to surrender to each posture and avoid being in a head-space where I feel I need to run. I surrender on my mat in shavasaa. It’s the perfect ending to an intense class. I re-gain strength in my body and in my mind.

The Balance:

Where am I going with this? You must be wondering. In this New Year, I challenge you to find your strength and your surrender. This principle can be applied to so many aspects our lives. Find strength in overcoming your health roadblocks. Then surrender when you start to feel overwhelmed. The more balance we have, the more accomplished we will become. As I said before, Tracy and I are here for you in every step of your health journey. We are so excited for this year!!


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