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By Tracy Gowler 6 years ago
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I find it ironic that I am writing about stress this week as I sit here fuming and being stressed.  And that is amusing to me.  Mildly, but still amusing.

One of my long time, favorite friends commented on the blog last week on FB that she can hardly wait to hear what I have to say this month as I have experienced a great deal of stress over my years traveling around the sun.  Accurate statement.  And I have been a very poor manager of it I do have to say.  By my response this morning, I also have to say that in certain moments, I don’t always practice what I preach, I am human, sadly.  I really prefer to see myself as Super Woman or a badass warrior.  But, alas, I am human.

I have spent a good deal of my life controlling or attempting to control the outcome of events. Preparing for every possible scenario in my mind so that I wouldn’t be caught off guard.  How many of you are saying, I do that too?  How many of you are saying how’s that working for ya?  Haha.  The reality of living life that way is that it is fucking exhausting.  OMG, I used a colorful metaphor, but I felt it was required to truly highlight how exhausting it is living that way.  EXHAUSTING!!!  And guess what, it adds so much more stress to a life that is already stressful.

I know, I get it.  There are situations in life that do require more planning and strategic execution but if we stay in that place too long, we lose our ability to go with the flow, to stop and smell the roses so to speak.  To slow the whirring of the brain and just enjoy the quiet moments.  You know, to really soak it all in.  I found that I absolutely lost my ability to be curious about the world and my surroundings and I used to really love that about myself.  And guess what, doing this too long really starts to contribute to some significant health issues besides that fact that it really is a fun sucker.

Yes, I’m the poster child.

I knew it for a very long time and despite that, did I change anything?  No.  Why?  Because I am human.  Do we ever do anything until it is truly broken?  Well, I do like to think of myself as proactive and I am, but I was never the priority.  Ever.  I put everyone else before me.  Everyone.  Even people that didn’t really have an impact on my life in anyway, shape, or form.  I just put them before me to be nice.  I know, there are a few of you asking again, how’d that work for you?  Clearly it didn’t.  Clearly.

How many of you are on this path of stress and illness?

How many of you are already there?

Are you done yet?  Had enough?  Ready to make that change? 

Good cause we are here, it’s not like we can just get off this ride around the sun.  We can only make the best of it.  And, there is never a better time to start that now!

So, what do you do? 

First of all, get outside.  Take your shoes off and let them touch the earth.  There is something so grounding in that.  Give it a try.  Slow your mind down and feel the connection, listen to the wind in the leaves and the birds singing around you.  Breathe deep, 10 times and while you are doing that, take note of what you are smelling.

Next, when was the last time you picked up a good book.  Been awhile?  Ya.  A good book will force you to slow it all down and let your mind wander in what you are reading.  Give it a try.

Third, I highly, highly recommend a meditation practice to help reduce that stress.  It is amazing what can happen when you just settle the mind from a stress perspective.  Not sure where to start?  There is a great book for that.  deStressifying by Davidji.  Check it out.  He is the master and he will walk you through the process of getting yourself in a good, solid practice.

This is a really good start. 

As for me, I am going to kick myself in the ass for giving people and situations absolute Free Rent in my head.  I’m going to breathe and wash it all away because there is absolutely nothing I can do about this path I am headed down right now.  I’m on it for the ride and I will make the best of it.  I can’t control it, I can only make the best possible decisions along the way to help influence the outcome to a good resolution.  That is it.  Worrying about it, won’t change anything right now.  I can only respond when needed, as needed.  Haha, nice thought isn’t it?  But with time and effort, I have gotten much better at this because I have had to.

If I can do it, so can you. 

So nice chatting with you this week.  Thanks for being in the tribe.


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