Stress is NOT Serving You!!!

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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Stress is not serving you.

Hmm, did that statement register with you ladies?

Stress is not serving you!!

I have written many blogs on stress and the science of stress.

You can find those here and here and here and here.

But I don’t want to dive into the details of stress here.

This is going to be short.

I just want to give you a few stats on stress and women.

Women have 50% higher work stress than men.

40% of women reported their jobs were very or extremely stressful

26% said they were often or very often burned out or stressed by their work.

Women are more likely than men to experience symptoms of stress.  – Duh, right?

Long-term stress is more likely to cause problems with moods and anxiety in women.

I could go on and on. 

If you want to know more, just google stress and women.

Back to my point.  Stress isn’t serving you.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to inflammation in your body. 

Inflammation breaks down your microbiome meaning your gut health.

The health of your gut is at the root of your health.

And guess what, your life is stressful.  All the time.

You’ve gotten so used to it that you don’t even realize it anymore.

So, what you are you going to do about it? 

Are you going to wait while you get sicker and sicker, or are you going to support health in your body the right way now?

Time to make yourself a priority lady!!

That’s all I have to say this week.

Thanks for being here.

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