How am I supposed to eat when I can’t eat anything?

By Tracy Gowler 3 years ago
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Eating with Hashimoto’s is challenging.  One of the first things people say to me is “How am I supposed to eat, I can’t eat anything”.  It is a little bit dramatic but the change required to heal your body does require some significant modifications to diet.  Change for people while they are struggling to function can be very difficult.  Especially because the time required to properly feed yourself requires significant commitments in learning, time, life modification, mental fortitude, and selfishness.So, how do you properly feed yourself? 

What do I recommend as a starting place with Hashimoto’s?

All of my clients are asked to convert to an Autoimmune Protocol way of eating.  I don’t like to call it a diet.  It is a lifestyle step in the right direction to learning how to improve their lives with Hashimoto’s.

Essentially, it is a Paleo protocol with a few additional items removed.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Hashimoto’s is a disease that is kicked off by triggers, intestinal permeability, and genetics.  To help begin to tackle all of these items, we have to start by putting not just the right foods into your body but we also have to make sure those foods aren’t adding additional inflammation to your body.  The goal is to reduce inflammation so that we allow your body to begin the healing process.

Paleo is a great eating protocol but only a starting point for you.  You would also have to eliminate all those foods that have been found to boost your immune system, cause cross reactivity, and add to the inflammation already in your system.

There is a lot of information out there that tackles all the details of an AutoImmune protocol.  I highly recommend starting with AutoimmuneWellness at  These ladies have done a wonderful job of laying out the AIP and what is truly required.

Learning?  Does healing really require that I understand Hashimoto’s?

I get it.  However, I’m pretty sure that being in this place is not fun.  And if you do find a way to commit the time to your healing, I’m also pretty sure you don’t want to end up back here again.  How can you actually make sure you don’t end up back here again if you don’t understand how and why you got here in the first place?  Education is crucial.  It doesn’t mean surfing the internet.  You will find information out there but it is sooo much information to weed through and not all exactly what you need.  You can get part of the way healing yourself but there is a better way.  Finding yourself a guide to help walk you through what is important and what isn’t is the fastest way to getting through the learning.  Look for a good program or find a good health coach with a focus in Hashimoto’s.  They will get you through the education much faster than you can do it yourself.

What does significant time commitments mean?

Most of ladies that end up with Hashi’s do with a great deal of stress in their lives.  We are working crazy hours, running kids to all of their events, volunteering for school functions, looking after our households, making sure our man is fulfilled as much as possible.  You get what I mean.  We have burned our candle at both ends for a long time and can’t imagine fitting in one more thing because by the time you have reached out and have found this article, you are exhausted.  You can’t fit in one more thing.

And, educating yourself on your illness has taken a backseat.  Eating properly has taken a backseat.  Self care in general is so far on the backburner that you don’t even know how to do that anymore.  Am I speaking your language.  Ya, I’ve been there.  I get it.

Healing does take time.  You can’t eat out anymore, not for awhile.  Cooking at home in a clean environment with nutrient dense, whole, clean foods is required.  And it does take time.  You are likely going to have to make some adjustments to your schedule to do this.

I know, you aren’t really liking what you are hearing so far.  Some of you have stopped reading already, and some of you are going to stop right now.  For those of you that continue, it is because you have reached the limit of what you can do and you tired of being sick and tired.  So, I’m going to continue writing for you.

Mental Fortitude

I think you already know what I mean by mental fortitude but let me explain.  It is a simple journey but it isn’t easy.  I talked about commitments and mental fortitude is also a commitment.  Maybe the biggest commitment because your mind will give up much faster than your body will.  You will have to remind yourself daily why you made this commitment.  You might cry, and you might scream.  And you will have to remind yourself again why you made this commitment.  You may fall off the wagon and commit again.  It is worth all of the difficulty if you stay the course.  Feeling better is always around the corner of your worst days.  And there are answers although some might require digging deep to find them but you can take your life back if you are willing to mentally commit to what it will take.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are ready and you can do this.

Did you cringe when I said Selfishness?

I know, you have likely prided yourself in not being selfish.  Also another reason you are here.  Another mental component of Hashi’s.  Getting healthy means being selfish and it isn’t a bad word.  You will also have to wrap your head around that.  You might have to sit your family down and tell them what you need.  They might kick and scream about that and you will have to stand your ground.  You can’t provide for them in the way that you would like if you are sick.  And you won’t get better if you don’t get selfish.  Your body needs your full attention right now and you deserve that attention from yourself.  I’m telling you the truth.  It requires focus on your needs and you can’t do that if everyone else is taking priority.

If this all sounds so overwhelming, you might not be ready yet.  If you have read this and feel that I might actually have just given you a little bit of a game plan and feel empowered by it, you are definitely ready to tackle improving the way you live with Hashimoto’s.

If you are ready, let’s chat.  I might not be the right person for you but I do want you to know that you aren’t alone.  I would love to hear your story and encourage you on your journey.  You are worth it!

You can find me at  Schedule a Discovery Call.  I would love to hear from you.

If you aren’t quite ready, that’s ok.  Sometimes it takes a while for you to reach the point of being sick and tired.  I’ll still be here when you are ready.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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