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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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“ If you are always trying to be normal, you will never now how amazing you can be” 

– Maya Angelou

I smiled when I read this today because it is so applicable to not only myself but so many of my clients.  I can’t tell you how many years I spent just trying to be normal.  Ignoring all of my health symptoms.  Not wanting to do the work.  Getting on the healthy eating wagon, falling off the healthy eating wagon. 

I just wanted to be like everyone else and make my life easier.

But it wasn’t easier because trying so hard to be like everyone else meant that I was going to be sick, getting sicker. 

It is amazing how hard we will work at not honoring what we need to live a healthy life.  It is amazing how hard we will fight to be our version of normal. 

How many of you are in or have been in this place of wanting to be normal?  Wanting your family to feel normal despite what you know about what they are eating? You might be expecting me to scold you knowing what I know now but I’m not going to. 

No.  I can’t make that decision for you. 

It is your life afterall. 

But, could I give you a thing or two to think about.  If I’m nice?  Haha.

Do you want to live a vibrant, healthy, long life? 

I’m pretty sure you do.  Everyone I talk with about their health issues tell me they want that for themselves and their family.  I have had that conversation with most of you on this email list. 

Have you stopped to consider what is stopping you?

I have heard things like I’m a picky eater, I don’t have time, my husband won’t do this, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t want to have to learn – can’t you just tell me what to do?

I’m laughing as I write this because I have heard all of the excuses.  It is amazing how many excuses women will find to not have to take ownership of their health.  Not to make themselves a priority. 

What is normal?

85% of Western Society has leaky gut which isn’t a good stat.  With gut health being at the root of your health this suggests most of this side of the world is experiencing dysfunction.  So basically, a ticking time bomb for some big health issue. 

Might it be a good idea to redefine what you see as normal and if that is what you want for yourself and your family. Maybe?

If you knew you would find light at the end of the tunnel by approaching health the right way, would it be worth the effort?

I’m thinking yes. 

And if you aren’t at yes, I might suggest reconsidering why it isn’t a yes. 

As women, we aren’t really doing kids any favors by not teaching them how to be healthy in this very unhealthy world.  We are dooming them to health issues, sick children, and leaving them alone to figure it all out for themselves once they have left the nest.

If as women, we just stopped the cycle of unhealthy living now, think of the impact that would make on the future generations.  I think it could be pretty amazing what we could do if we all just said Enough and took the health of ourselves and our families into our hands. 

And if you are already struggling with autoimmune, imagine what they could learn watching you take your quality of life back. 

Boy could we make a difference.

Who’s with me?

Want to know how to change the face of health?  Email me.

I’m thinking I would love to add this discussion to my webinar series as a zoom call with women having this discussion.  I think I just had a good idea. 

I will keep you posted. 

Have a great rest of your week. 

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