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By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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The glass is beautiful is an odd title for a blog isn’t it?  Yes, it is but you will understand what I mean by it soon.

I was fortunate to see Keith Urban in concert in a very small venue this weekend. You may not be a country fan, but he has been on my list to see for awhile and I was extremely impressed.  The whole night was amazing.  Lost one of the tickets from the box office to security in literally 5 minutes.  The woman behind us said “No Worries, our husbands couldn’t make the show so just use one of our tickets”.  The usher took us to the seats.  It was a small venue, but we were in the nosebleed seats in this theater, even though they were excellent seats.  In literally 5 minutes, he was back.

“You don’t want to sit here” he said.  “Follow me”.

And that fast, we were in the most amazing seats.  Closest I’ve ever been to the stage for someone this big when it comes to music.  It was stellar.  He can actually sing live and his guitar playing is beyond anything you will here on the CD’s.  He is truly a talented artist and just a nice guy.

An amazing night. 

Ok, I’m getting to the glass.  Before one of his songs he was talking about an interview he had seen.  The man being interviewed was asked if he was a glass half full or half empty kind of guy.  His response to the question was “the glass is beautiful”.  I started thinking about this.

Why does life have to be described as a glass half full or half empty?   

Aren’t we limiting our lives in one way or another by thinking about it that way?  Every wonderful experience should be enjoyed to it’s fullest.  Every moment savored as a gift allowing the emotions of the experience to burn it into your memory as something amazing.

And when the experience isn’t so great?  Isn’t it also a gift?

Isn’t every shitty experience something to learn from?  Isn’t that how you grow, to achieve your best as a human being contributing to this amazing planet?  Won’t an experience that you learn from change the way you contribute if you look at it as a learning experience or a second chance?  And won’t that way of looking at it, change the way you view a shitty experience?

Don’t get me wrong.  Some challenges will take every ounce of energy you have.

But every experience good or bad is just life.  And the challenges that require growth to overcome, just make you more beautiful on the inside.  If you make it through, your appreciation changes.  You begin to understand what is more important and you live your life more intentional, focused in a good way.  Truly living.

Health issues can be viewed this way too.  The majority of you don’t get sick by chance.  You get sick for a reason with stress and trauma being at the center of your illness.  It is a significant challenge for you to overcome.  It is a fight for your life.  And it is hard.

If you look at it as the glass is half full, you won’t get better. 

You won’t get better until you realize it is only you that can change the way you are living your life.  That your illness is giving you another chance to stop, to slow down, to find what is important in your life and how hard you are willing to fight for it.

That is the gift. 

Realize this and your glass will be beautiful

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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