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By Tracy Gowler 3 years ago
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We all have our own definition of health. But what is health really?

Well, we can’t define and truly understand health without defining what it means to be unhealthy. So, we are going to tackle both in a way that makes it easier to understand.
Being healthy is when your body is in a state of homeostasis. What does that mean? Well, in our bodies, we have over a trillion bacteria. That is a lot. Even more than the number of cells. Now, it isn’t all the same bacteria. There are several types and each has their own job to do. In a perfect environment, all of the bacteria is in balance and existing happily together in the proper ratios. In a state of homeostasis, our internal environment is in equilibrium or in balance meaning our gut is healthy and all of the bacteria are existing well with each other. All of our organs, and the way they are supposed to function is working perfectly well. All of our systems are running like a fine tuned race car. We are symptom free. This is important to note. Just remember that when we are healthy, we should be symptom free.

What happens as we deviate or move away from homeostasis? Well, lots of things begin to happen in the body. And there are actually 5 stages of deviation.

Deviation from Homeostasis
This is the first stage of dysfunction in the body, meaning you are moving away from that wonderful balance or equilibrium. You are no longer at homeostasis. Your cells, organs, and systems within the body begin to lose their balance. The stressors, either internal or external won’t allow you to return to homeostasis and the body begins to compensate. The more you compensate, the more out of balance your body will be.

This is the second stage of the disorder. Your body is still compensating and no longer functioning normally. Your cells and tissues begin to breakdown. The environment for disease begins to set in.

In Stage 3 of dysfunction you body still wants to adapt but is no longer successful. Your cell structure is beginning to change. A state of disease now exists

In the Fourth stage of the disorder there are a couple of things to note. This is the first time that I have mentioned the word symptoms. This means that previous to stage 4 of dysfunction, there is a lot going on without us even knowing it. I mean, did you really understand that there are 3 stages of disorder before you would even see a symptom. And I’m not talking big symptoms, I’m talking every day symptoms that we have gotten used to like headaches, digestive issues like gas, bloating, joint pains, skin issues, etc. Anyway, in this stage, normal function has been lost and your body cannot return to the previous stage without help.

This is the fifth and final stage. It is a little scary don’t you think that Death follows the first time you will see symptoms. You might stay in the symptomatology stage a very long time, or forever. This will depend on the disease, your genetics, your vital or adaptive reserve, the things you are doing right, etc. But, again, it is important to realize that symptoms are not normal and that there isn’t a lot of room to screw around with your health if you have them.

I chose to write about this for a couple of reasons. I am all about educating because I don’t think most people understand what being healthy really means. And, if you are scared, you should be. I wanted to give you a bit of a reality check to hopefully push you in the direction of health because you are worth it.

If this post speaks to you and you want to find out more, I’d be happy to chat with you. My information is on my Contact page. Contact me. I’d love to chat.

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