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I grew up in a very small town in the middle of Canada.  There were very few restaurants.  Everyone had gardens.  Meals were cooked at home, using mostly vegetables from the garden.  Fruit was also grown or picked for the most part.  And we were very active.  There wasn’t much to do but to get outside, even in the middle of winter which lasted for 7-8 months. 

But that started to change when we moved to the suburbs of Toronto.  Mom and I discovered Tostitos and we would eat them while watching The Young and The Restless and Star Trek after school.  I had a job at 15 and I could buy my own lunches so rather than something from home, I was eating french fries, an ice cream sandwich and Coke.  I was still very active, but based on what I know now, I was destroying the health of my gut. I was becoming a poster child for unhealthy living.  

By the time I was 16, my health was starting to change.  I developed severe allergies after a very stressful move which resulted in 6 months of tonsillitis.  I know now that the tonsillitis was a side effect of Epstein Barr Virus which is mono.  The doctors didn’t know that I had EBV.  In order to be able to have the surgery to remove my tonsils, I had 6 months of antibiotics which completely wiped out my microbiome and this was the start of 30 years of health issues. 

I developed gut infections, hives and rashes, severe gut pain, heart palpitations, weird brain fog, joint swelling, allergy induced asthma, crime scene menstrual cycles, anemia, UTI’s, yeast infections, significant fatigue, gallbladder issues, hair loss, etc, etc, etc. 

By the time I had reached 45, I was ready to give up.  I was getting nowhere in the medical community.  I couldn’t imagine living my life this way one more day but the love for my children kept me searching.  As an engineer, it didn’t make sense to me that I couldn’t fix myself.  After an emergency hospital stay in Canada because of my gallbladder, I finally reached my “No More”. 

No More feeling like shit. 

No More putting my life in the hands of the medical community. 

No More settling for half a life. 

No More listening to anyone else about my health and my life. 

I got myself home to Colorado and started diving in and educating myself.  I was so lucky to run into some very key women in my life that directed me down the right path towards healing.  I’m grateful for them every day. 

Along the way I found a wonderful doctor who was switching to more of a functional medicine practice and she diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was never happier.  I could finally focus my education on what was needed to help me learn to live my best possible life with autoimmune.

As I discovered, there are times when significant change is required despite the road blocks.  I committed to the changes that were needed to support my body in the right way so it could heal.  I found my life in those changes. 

And now at 50+ years old, I am doing things I never imagined.  I am living my life, my way, with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and you can too! 



Your Health Made Simple™ is here to help guide you to your own personal definition of health. 

Why is it your own?  Because everyone’s definition is going to be unique to them.  Everyone requires support in different ways and sometimes it requires investigative work to determine what that is going to be. And everyone’s health goals are different.  

We strive to create the most comprehensive, affordable, but yet easy to follow programs to help you be successful in reaching your health goals.  

We would love to be a part of your health journey.  Reach out to us today.  Let’s discover how we can get to your goals together.  

Mission Statement

To provide women over 40 a clear, nurturing, lifestyle approach to improve the way they live with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.


BS Mechanical Engineering University of Texas Arlington

BS Mechanical Engineering University of Texas Arlington

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Association of Functional Diagnostic Practitioners

Association of Functional Diagnostic Practitioners