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Good Times and Tan Lines: But shouldn’t I be using sunscreen?

I thought it might be time to get back to information that is more relevant to the time of year and to step away from the stress and anxiety of everything else going on right now.  Let’s focus on the weather change and with that, here comes the sun.  What kind of sunscreen is ok to use? Do you love the sun?  I do.  I’m fortunate enough to live in a place that has over

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Your Health Made Simple Cooking Show – Chicken Stir Fry

Hi there, Did you see our Cooking Show?  If not, you can find our Youtube Channel right here. That makes us happy.  Certainly not your typical cooking show but we did want to make it more of a real adventure and that it is. You aren’t here to listen to me babble.  Probably want the recipe eh? You can find it below. Chicken Stir Fry Ingredients: 1 Tbsp coconut oil 1 lb frozen chicken strips

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Pandemic Lesson Learned

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that there have been a lot more people out and about lately.  I think they are over Sheltering in Place and I understand that.  I’m not so concerned about everyone being out and about as I am about the lesson learned from this Pandemic. I’m hoping we didn’t miss it. I think everyone else has things that they have learned, and I do not want to

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5 weeks of Shelter-in-Place

It’s been 5 weeks of Shelter-in-Place for me.  I pulled myself in earlier than ordered because I wasn’t really sure if everything the media was saying was true.  I was a little concerned about how my body would respond to the virus.  And I’ve talked before about how much I’ve actually loved being in my space. As hard as this has been for people in this time, I have tried to see the good and

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Is Your Gas Getting Stinky?

So, is your gas getting stinky?  Tummy/digestive issues?  Constipation?  What the heck is going on. We will talk about this a little later in the blog.  For now, let’s talk about life. I just read something my daughter posted on her Insta page.  Made me laugh out loud. “Gas cheapest its been in 30 years, can’t drive. Flight’s dirt cheap, can’t fly.  We’re stuck in the middle of a fucking Alanis Morisette song”. Cracked me

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Feeling a little crazy – Damn this COVID 19!!!

If I could kick this virus where it hurts most and make it go away for all of you, you know I would.  I have very bad words, that I would normally say out loud but I won’t.  I will remain professional.  But really, how many of you are feeling a little crazy?  Damn this COVID 19. And it is ok to rant a little if you need to.  But don’t live there. I think

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Caught up in the Circus? COVID-19 Do’s and Don’ts.

I have been debating for a while about commenting on the state of things right now.  Does anyone really want to hear what I have to say?  Maybe, maybe not.  And there is so much good information out there in terms of supporting yourself during this time.  But maybe you are caught up in the circus that is out there and you need someone to bring some sanity to what is needed.  It is hard

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Are You Ready to Come Out of Hibernation?

Feeling a bit like a bear?  As much as I love winter, and I just got done shoveling 6 inches of wet snow in March, I am ready, so ready to come out of hibernation.  And it’s supposed to snow until 7 in the morning.  9 more hours of snow.  I’m ready for the temperature to warm up a little.  I’m ready to hear the birds sing.  I’m ready for the flowers and the grass

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Feel the Love

The title sounds a little bit like the Lion King doesn’t it?  Yes.  It is the last week of the month of Love, so I wanted to make sure you absolutely feel the love before we move on to March. Why?  Because having autoimmune or chronic illness is tough.  It leaves you feeling isolated.  Sort of like being on an island.  Nobody understands because you don’t look sick.  And the doctors have been telling you

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