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My Experience with Covid

Did I just say my experience with Covid? I sure did.   I think the reality is that sooner or later we are going to get it unless with are like The Boy in The Bubble. And yes, I am dating myself.  That was a not very good John Travolta movie from the ’70’s I think.  And I am in no way recommending it. Back to the topic of the blog. Unless we live in a

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Is Vegan a Good Diet for Healing Hashimoto’s?

I get asked this question a lot.  Is a Vegan diet a good diet for healing from Hashimoto’s? First, let’s talk about what a vegan diet can be good for. If you are eating a Vegan diet you are removing any animal food products, eggs, and dairy from your diet.  Some people even remove honey from their diet. You can accomplish this way of eating by existing on processed foods but that won’t help you

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I had a person ask me if discussing this week’s blog was uncomfortable for me.  The whole “Shhhhh!!” thing.  You know, your vaginal health. And the reality is that a year ago I might have said “Yeah!”. But not anymore!  As an older woman, that is post-menopausaul and nurturing her thyroid, there is a vaginal reality that is not being talked about. And if you too are a woman nurturing her thyroid, you don’t have

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What is Your Hashimoto’s Morning Routine?

Do you have a Hashimoto’s Morning routine? I thought it might be good to start sharing some of the routines that I do to help my body be at it’s best as much as possible. My morning routine is the place to start. Let’s talk weekdays. I am definitely not a morning person and sometimes I am bad and roll out of bed 10 min before a call starts.  haha. It’s amazing from a sleep

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What Does Self-Care Look Like For You In 2021?

How often do you think of what you need for self-care as a woman with Hashimoto’s?  I think it is time to start thinking about that. I mean, 2020 has been a little bitch.  We have been so caught up in the world, Covid, the politics and it has done us no favors. We haven’t had our people in the way that we need them. Our lives have been controlled in a way that has

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Emotional Eating

I have been sitting in our FDN conference for the past 3 days.  Well, actually double timing it with another conference.  They overlapped and there was so much to learn in both.  But the topic of emotional eating came up and I was intrigued. I know.  Have I learned my lesson? Oh yes!!! I haven’t been pushing myself to double down on all the information. I am keeping an eye on when my body is

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A day in my life with Hashimoto’s

I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago about the autoimmune storm I was in.  The picture above was taken this past weekend.  Clearly, I have moved beyond the storm.  I thought I might share a day in my life with Hashimoto’s. I have learned over time what my body needs.  Whether or not I’m in a storm or hiking in the mountains is completely dependent on my ability or my choice to give

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It’s ok to rest.

Apologies for missing last week. First time in over 3 years, I think. That is a lot of blogs. I can’t actually believe I have that much to say. I was resting and based on my very obvious type A personality it was not easy for me. I am having to learn it’s ok to rest. I’m telling you my story so that you can learn from my stubborn nature and hopefully avoid regression and

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Stress is NOT Serving You!!!

Stress is not serving you. Hmm, did that statement register with you ladies? Stress is not serving you!! I have written many blogs on stress and the science of stress. You can find those here and here and here and here. But I don’t want to dive into the details of stress here. This is going to be short. I just want to give you a few stats on stress and women. Women have 50%

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