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Stress is NOT Serving You!!!

Stress is not serving you. Hmm, did that statement register with you ladies? Stress is not serving you!! I have written many blogs on stress and the science of stress. You can find those here and here and here and here. But I don’t want to dive into the details of stress here. This is going to be short. I just want to give you a few stats on stress and women. Women have 50%

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Imagine your life

I write a short contribution on health to a local magazine where I live.  I did tell you where I live is the sweet spot of the universe didn’t I.  Ya it is.  I live in the foothills at the base of Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains.  It’s beautiful.  Anyway, back to the magazine.  This time, the theme of the magazine is Imagine.  I thought this might be a good topic for the blog

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Keep Calm and Trust the Process

Truer words were never said.  Keep Calm and Trust the Process. I do get asked quite often how long it is going to take for the healing process.  To give you a definitive answer would mean that I’m lying to you.  The best answer that I have is “I don’t know”.  Everyone is different  When you have met one woman with Hashimoto’s, you have met one woman with Hashimoto’s. Each woman will have a different

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Why is getting support with Hashis so hard ?

I remember early on in my business meeting with a woman and her spouse.  It was heart breaking because it was a very extreme example of a woman not getting the support she needed from a spouse.  But it is also very common. Why is getting the support you need with Hashi’s so hard? It is not a complicated answer.  It is quite simple actually.  You don’t look sick.  It isn’t outwardly evident that you

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Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place

Could you actually have a better life with Hashi’s?  I say yes.  Because sometimes, when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.  How could I say such a thing? How can I not? My life is infinitely better because of my Hashimoto’s.  I used to take my life for granted.  I used and abused my body.  I was an exercise fiend.  I ate shit.  Strong word but it’s true.  I lived off

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Who Will You Be When You Tackle Your Hashimoto’s?

I wonder if you have asked yourself that question.  Who will you be when you tackle your Hashimoto’s?  Maybe you haven’t thought about it because you have been in the medical community for years with little to no results.  Maybe you don’t believe healing is possible?  You have been so lost in the weeds for years, focusing minute by minute on just how to get through the day that you have no idea what is

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Do you have to be fearless to heal from Hashimoto’s?

The answer to the question is No.  You don’t have to be fearless to heal from Hashimoto’s?  It’s hard believing that healing doesn’t require you to be fearless because how else can you get back your energy and quality of life without climbing mountains and conquering unbelievable feats.  I mean, if the doctors can’t solve it for you, the women that have healed must have done something incredible to take their lives back.  I think

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GYST – Get Your Shit Together System

I just want to say, thank you Kevin Gifford!!  Without you, I would not have this amazing tool.  The GYST System changed my life and the way I schedule my time.  Kevin has been a life/business coach for many years.  I happened on him back in 2007 or 2008 I think, and he has been my coach off and on over the years.  But more than that, he has become a dear friend.  He realized

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Biggest mistake when healing Hashimoto’s

The biggest mistake women make when trying to heal their Hashimoto’s is not making themselves a priority.  Bottom line.  Do I get it?  Yes. I do.  It is your nature as a woman to want to provide everything you have to those you love and care for, to your friends, to your job.  And where are you in this list? Close to the bottom? At the bottom? And it is so very hard to overcome

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