Treat Yo Self – 10 Tips to Giving Yourself a Break

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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Moving along with the theme of Love and Loving Yourself, I wanted to give you 10 tips for giving yourself a break.  We do need a break as women.  I covered the way we beat ourselves up last week so I won’t dive into the self-degradation again this week.  No need.  We know we do.

Tip 1 – An Essential Oil Bath

I am not a big bath person.  I rarely think of sitting in the tub because I don’t have time to just sit.  But this is my challenge isn’t it.  And when I do take the time, it is so nice.  So, heat up the bath water.  Pick your favorite smelling essential oil, put in 5-8 drops and relax.  This is for me too.  Tracy, get in the damn tub!!!  Haha

Tip 2 – Plan You into Your Week

I have Tracy time in my schedule.  I don’t always know what I am going to do with that time.  And I have been guilty of not honoring the time for me.  But I do plan it.  I am working to do a better job with that time.  Plan it and make it fun for you, whatever that is.

Tip 3 – Stop to Breathe

Take a couple of times a day for 10 deep breathes.  This can immediately lower your stress levels and help you slow down, get the idiots out of your head, and just regroup.

Tip 4 – Learn a New Stress Management Technique

I have talked a lot about stress.  There are a lot of things and techniques you can do to help with your stress level.  Examples – mediation, TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), Heart Math, Tapping, Nature, etc.  Learn another technique every time you have a chance.

Tip 5 – Tell Yourself These 3 Things Every Morning

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I love me cause I’m awesome
  3. I am worth it!!!!

Tip 6 – Get a Pedicure

Who doesn’t love getting a pedicure?  So peaceful and relaxing, having your feet pampered and your toes looking pretty.  Unless you currently have toenails like mine that still haven’t recovered from last seasons softball tournament.  They are trying but not even worth the paint at this point.  But you can still have the massage and cleaning up the calluses and dry skin.  Summer is right around the corner. Pamper your feet.

Tip 7 – Schedule a girls’ outing

Who doesn’t like hanging with your pals?  Worth it every time.

Tip 8 – Plan a date night

If you have someone you enjoy spending time with, plan a night out.  Something fun that you wouldn’t normally do.  No kids allowed.  Just you and someone that helps you forget about all of your stresses and allows you to just be you.  Leave all the worries at the door and go have a blast.

Tip 9 – Find a book you just can’t put down

And read it.  Find yourself a quiet corner of the house and dive in.

Tip 10 – Take Yourself Off the Backburner of Your Life

Nothing good happens on the backburner.  Make yourself your #1 priority and life will get better; I promise you it will.

I triple dog dare you to plan all 10 tips into your monthly schedule.  And let me know how it goes.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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