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By Tracy Gowler 6 years ago
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I had a very rude awakening almost 4 years ago when I ended up in the hospital on vacation with pain that you may have heard me describe as having triplets sideways.  Yep.  It was not a pleasant experience to say the least.  As I lay on the floor of the waiting room because I was unable to sit in a chair, I inherently knew that I had done this to myself.   I couldn’t begin to imagine what I was going to have to do for the next year and a half to correct the years of abuse that I had done to my body, but I did know two things.  I was sick and I did not ever want to experience this kind of pain ever again.

Now what?

It is a wonderful notion to make a decision to improve my health but the next hurdle is what to do about it.  I certainly didn’t know.  I had no idea how to even go about modifying my health and it was fast becoming an overwhelming task that I was getting lost in.  I didn’t even know health coaches existed.  Certainly the doctors wanted the most drastic of solutions but that was not something I was willing to consider and there is so much information out there with so many different opinions.  Health and wellness has become big business and it was a little scary as to what was actually good for me and what wasn’t.  Certainly the first thought is to exercise more which is great but as I have learned, that is only 10% of the equation and because of my age, if you don’t do it right, it won’t even help for that 10%.  As my frustration grew, I decided to utilize a couple of people and with their help; I have figured it out and so much more.  Moving forward three and a half years, I have absolutely turned my health around, saved my gallbladder and feel better than I have in many years.  I have used food, exercise, and some amazing and clean products on this incredible journey to absolutely change the way I approach my health.

To Answer the Question

So, to answer the question that I have titled this article after is just this.   I am passionate about health and wellness.  The current state of health in the Western Hemisphere is atrocious and clearly an epidemic.  My goal is to educate as many as I possibly can, to guide them through their personal health journey, and to absolutely improve their lives.  It is not difficult but it does take some work.  You have to want to be healthy and have the willpower to stick with it.  My role is to be your guide and coach you to your goals.  Let me help focus your energy on building the “New You”.  2017 is here, don’t delay one more day.  Make this your best health year yet.

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