What are the fundamentals of eating healthy?

By Tracy Gowler 7 years ago
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I am the pickiest eater I know.  Have been since I was little.  Hated peas.  I would hide them in my mashed potatoes and down them with milk hoping that one of them wouldn’t split in my mouth.  Beets, turnip, yuk.  My poor mother.  And when I finally hurled at the table, not out of spite, just because I have such an intolerance of food, they finally stopped making me eat the things I couldn’t stomach.

Moving forward to a life full of some very unhealthy eating and the realization that my plan of going kicking and screaming into my grave was going to be more like crawling and wheezing into the grave, it was not what I wanted for myself.  I have known for years that I was eventually going to have to make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.  My body kept a journal.   Ya, illness was a great big slap to the face.  In finally making that decision, I was left wondering how the heck do I even begin?  There is so much information out there promising fast results, just take this little pill and you’ll be fine.  Not quite that easy.  So, let me just answer the question for you.

How do you start?

It is all about eating real food; the kind that you find on the edges of the grocery store.  Not in the middle in those fancy little bags, cans, and boxes that are full of chemicals and processed foods.  It is going to require rekindling that love affair with your kitchen.  It is all about eating the way we used to, before all the fast food and processed foods came about.  And many of the fruits and veggies that you are going to purchase should be organic.  Not all, but many should.

To start and be successful, mental preparation is needed.  It is a simple process but not an easy process.  And the elimination of foods that are working against you is imperative.  Purge everything that is working against you.  Anything that is creating inflammation in the body such as sugar and anything that converts to sugar like alcohol.  Also dairy products, gluten meaning our beloved bread and products containing wheat, vinegar, coffee/caffeine, soy, corn,  and anything artificial.  Without the elimination of these items, the body will struggle to eliminate the toxins that have been held hostage in there for a while.  And some of these items also kick start the dysfunction that many are currently experiencing in their guts.  Gut dysfunction is believed by many experts to be at the root of all disease.  We desperately need to keep our guts healthy.

Meal preparation is critical so that there should be food available when your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for cooking or snacks when you are on the run.

Healthy shakes are a great way to start the day and allow the body for a greater absorption of the vitamins and minerals in a liquid format.  It also provides an option for breakfast since most of what you are used to having for breakfast is no longer on the list of good foods to eat.

Guidance through your initial journey is so important.  It is so much easier getting through your initial 30 days with someone that understands what you are going through, that can answer your questions and keep you motivated to stay the course.   And guess what, this is so exciting, I am that person.  I can absolutely guide you through the process of modifying your diet to one that works to help the body begin the healing process and get to a place where being healthy is the end result.

If you can commit to 30 days, you have just started a new habit, you have learned what it will take to maintain the lifestyle and are one step closer to leading that healthy life kicking and screaming all the way into the grave.

If you are interested, contact me through www.yourhealthmadesimple.com or you can email me at tracy@yourhealthmadesimple.com

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