What Does Self-Care Look Like For You In 2021?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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How often do you think of what you need for self-care as a woman with Hashimoto’s? 

I think it is time to start thinking about that.

I mean, 2020 has been a little bitch.  We have been so caught up in the world, Covid, the politics and it has done us no favors.

We haven’t had our people in the way that we need them.

Our lives have been controlled in a way that has served a few but not really the many.

And how has it affected the way you live?  

Have you been keeping yourself strong, doing the things that you know you need to support your health?

Or have you let the craziness in and changed your focus?

Have you forgotten about yourself while you’ve been caught up in the world?

I know, it isn’t quite over yet but today is the day that we stop living in limbo.

We will have a president chosen, one way or the other, hopefully by the end of today and then it is time to get back to the business of our lives.

It’s time to just let it be what it is going to be and reposition ourselves as the #1 priority in our lives.

How will you step into being that priority tomorrow when all of this is all over?

How about starting with an evaluation? 

As you move through the questions I’m going to ask regarding your different lifestyle factors, and be honest with yourself.

If you don’t like your answers, this might be a good place to start.

I have recently asked myself these questions.

How’s your diet?  

Are you supporting your body with the right foods?

Have you been eating more of the comfort foods to help yourself get through the craziness?

Have I?  Hmmmm

Not really.  I have buckled down a little bit more during this time because I’ve been eating mostly at home.

I have eaten a few too many Rx bars when I’m busy but mostly I’ve done pretty well.

I am also making modifications.

Less late night snacks.

New recipes to try.

Not being driven so much by the state of the world as to what I choose to eat and making sure I’ve got a good mix of foods for myself.

You exercising? 

This has been a little tougher for people with the gyms being closed.

But there are still ways.

Have you been making excuses for not exercising?

I have found myself sitting at my desk way too much, not getting up and moving around.

And with that, I have experienced a lot more pain than I would normally.

If I’m to be honest, I haven’t been exercising as much because it hurts later.

But this is what I also know.

If I get my ass up and do it, it does get better.

The pain lessens and I get stronger.

So, I’ve kicked myself in the ass and I am now alternating days between my stair machine and my strength training first thing in the morning.

I will also be meditating every morning.

Gus will be getting a walk midday every day to get myself as up and outside and moving.

The weather is also the best weather for a bike ride a couple of times a week.

My poor bike has been ignored for far too long.

How’s your sleep?

Have you found your sleep has been worse this year?

I imagine the state of the world has made this tougher.

My own sleep has gotten a little more restless during this time.

It is amazing what can happen when the world is in a state of unrest.

I have been working lately on keeping the energy cleared in my space and it is helping immensely.

I am not living the news 24/7.

I only watch when I want an update.

And after today, I will go back to my standard of not watching the news much at all.

Trying to settle my world by paying attention to what makes my world a better place.

With that, I will sleep better too.

How is your stress? 

Big question, especially today.

But really?  How is your stress?

Can you accept the outcome of today and get back to focusing on what you need for you?

That’s a big question but the outcome is a reality we will no longer be able to affect after today and your life is stressful enough.

My coach, Kevin Gifford, used to ask me questions in my very stressful moments.

  1. Can I let it go right now?
  2. If not, can I let it go in the future?
  3. If not, what am I going to do to be able to live with it?

So, maybe some questions for you to consider.

It’s time to let 2020 go.

Stress creates more inflammation in your body and does more damage to the lining of your gut than any other single contributor.

What are you going to do to manage your stress?

I’ve just walked you through the foundation of your health. 

If you aren’t managing any of these well, you don’t have a good foundation for health.

Let alone supporting an improved life while living with Hashi’s.

A good time to evaluate how you can do a better job with the foundation of your health.

I’m pretty sure you are completely uninterested in an autoimmune storm or worse.

I ask you again….. What does self care look like for you in 2021?

Have a wonderful week.



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