What Happens If You Don’t Manage Your Autoimmune?

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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I have been listening to a Master Class Series that was recently released.  Lots of good information and because of that I will be going back to school in October, so I have even more tools in my arsenal to help my wonderful clients.  One of the sessions that I have watched has given me an idea for discussion this week.  What happens if you don’t manage your Autoimmune Disease?

This question begs a much bigger topic, maybe for another blog but I can touch on it here.  It might be a bit difficult to hear but not doing anything about autoimmune is a death sentence.  Strong statement I know, especially because death is inevitable but autoimmune will take about 15-20 years off your life span. 

You noticed I did not say “can take”.  NO.  I said “will”. 

It takes a huge toll in key systems in your body.  Your adrenals are taking a huge hit and are struggling.  Your immune system is on overdrive and likely has been much longer than you’ve known about.  And your body is attacking itself.  At some point, it gives up under that kind of an onslaught. 

So, I just want to make sure you heard me.

Autoimmune will take 15-20 years off of your life. 

If you think about symptoms that you are also struggling with.  Let me list the ones I have struggled with along the way. 

Severe allergies/Allergy induced asthma

Breathing issues

Gut infections

Mitral Valve Prolapse

High Blood pressure

Low Blood pressure


Severe cramping

Weight loss

Weight gain

Brain fog

Sleep issues

Hyper Mobile Joints


Severe menstrual bleeding



Joint pain

Epstein Barr Virus

Gallbladder issues

Yeast infections


Metal Toxicity

These are the ones I can remember right now.  I can remember my sister saying to me that I got it all when it came to one thing after another.  It was relentless.  All of these are my side effects of my autoimmune disease.  As the disease progresses, system in the body are affected and functions start to go awry.  All of these symptoms are a representation of the difficulty that my body was having, and they started when I was 16 after a significant event in my life.  I didn’t actually have a diagnosis until I was in my 50’s.  30+ years of progression and deterioration of the systems in my body. 

And they don’t hit all at once.  They take their time as systems in the body are affected while the dysfunction is moving around.  And because all you are going to get in the medical community is symptom treatment, you won’t stop it.  You might improve the symptom temporarily until it migrates somewhere else. All the while, you are taking years off your life. 

That isn’t all. 

The type of autoimmune you will have has been determined by your genetics or the damage you have done to your genes.  If you are doing nothing, or not doing the right things to stop the attack, your body will move to your next weakest link and you will develop additional autoimmune diseases.  This will step up the attack on systems in your body.  Your body is now attacking itself in more than one place.  And this will happen again and again until you stop it. 

If you are having trouble finding a reason to make yourself a priority, you might want to consider why you would be willing to accept a 15-20 year loss on your life?  You can get that time back.  You can lose the symptoms.  You can feel so much better.  And if it isn’t you that is sick, if it is your child, what are you willing to do to give them their best life? 

It is a bit of a process.  You have the opportunity to look at it a couple of different ways.  It can be a battle, or it can be a journey of discovery to allow you to live the life you had imagined for yourself.  It can be a beautiful reminder when you have let self care slide a little to far to get your shit together.  You can live that life with some time and commitment.  And in the process, discover what you are made of.  It is a journey of great healing and insight. 

And there it is, the topic for my next blog. 

Have a great week everyone. 

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

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