What is Your Hashimoto’s Morning Routine?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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Do you have a Hashimoto’s Morning routine?

I thought it might be good to start sharing some of the routines that I do to help my body be at it’s best as much as possible.

My morning routine is the place to start.

Let’s talk weekdays.

I am definitely not a morning person and sometimes I am bad and roll out of bed 10 min before a call starts.  haha.

It’s amazing from a sleep perspective but it doesn’t really give my body a good start for the day.

When I was learning how to meditate from David Ji during a Chopra Center event in Chicago several years ago, I remember him telling us to remember RPM.

Rise, Pee, Meditate. 

I do try to do that but I’m not always successful with that order.  No.

But, I do get there eventually.

Can’t forget the thyroid meds.  So medication happens before pee.

And my meditation area is two floors up from the bedroom, I might hit the stair machine before I head upstairs.

I am now alternating between my stair machine and strength training in the mornings.

I fit my meditation in either before or after the exercise.  

And then it’s time for breakfast.

Breakfast is now usually a banana, bone broth, and my hot water with a drop of lemon or slim and sassy essential oil.

Later in the morning I will make myself a shake with spinach, avocado, strawberries, chia or flax seeds, and several of the powder supplements that I use.

And while I drink it, I will take the rest of my supplements.

My supplements shift a little depending on how I’m feeling.  

I always take my probiotics. They can be a mixture of different types depending on the support my gut needs.

And I take a mucosal support to help support the lining of my gut.

I have digestive enzyme support, a binder to help with any die off, thyroid support, HCL support to help the stomach acidity, Omega 3 support cause I don’t eat fish, curcumin to help keep inflammation low.

I have a machine that controls the pH of my drinking water to help lower oxidative stress in the body.  I drink this all day long.

Occasionally I will add inositol which supports the thyroid and blood sugar, HCL Betaine with pepsin for additional acidity support.

Supplements are important to give our bodies the support it needs to stay healthy.

I need to make sure I am up early enough to get this all done before work begins.

It took me awhile to get here.  

To understand the whispers of my body and to realize what it needs.

Exercise hurts my bones now so some days I do miss exercising if I know it’s going to be too particularly bad.

I walk a lot more now too.  And it’s ok.

My food is clean and I keep it that way.  

It means I’m going to feel good when I get up in the morning and the inflammation and bloating is much less than it used to be.

I don’t feel like I was rode hard and put up wet anymore.  haha.

My days are more predictable because of my routine.

Eventually work has to start.  

I am on calls a lot and can get tied to my chair for hours on end.

If it is a long meeting or a class that doesn’t require a lot of contribution from me, I will turn off my camera and mute my mic so that I can walk over to my workout area and do a few squats or sit-ups just to keep the blood moving and keep me active.

And at some point in the morning, if the weather cooperates, I go out and sit in the yard with the dog for about 15 min just to get some fresh air, exposure to the sun’s rays, and to put my bare feet in the grass.

There isn’t a lot of variation because this is what my body needs.

I can control my health this way which allows me more control over my life because it is predictable.  

I hope that by sharing my morning routine with you, you will also find your way with your morning routine based on what your body wants and needs.

Your morning routine starts your day, every day.  

So commit to it and don’t veer from it.

It will help you take control of your health too!!

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