Who Will You Be When You Tackle Your Hashimoto’s?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I wonder if you have asked yourself that question.  Who will you be when you tackle your Hashimoto’s? 

Maybe you haven’t thought about it because you have been in the medical community for years with little to no results. 

Maybe you don’t believe healing is possible? 

You have been so lost in the weeds for years, focusing minute by minute on just how to get through the day that you have no idea what is truly possible.

That’s sad isn’t it? 

I think so, because I know what is possible.  I’ve seen it in myself and in my clients.  Each and every one of them have made improvements when they focus on what is required to heal. 

Let me help you paint that picture of what you will be when you tackle your Hashis. 

I don’t want to start with where you are now.  It is the worst possible place and I know exactly how you are feeling and barely existing.  I understand. 

What I would prefer to do is give you hope.  So, let’s paint that picture.

Who were you before this all started?

Were you vibrant?

Did you laugh?

Did you run around with your kids?

Did you feel beautiful?

Did you have enough energy to get you through your day and more?

Did your body support you in everything you wanted to do?

Did you have hopes and dreams? 

Where are they now?  Did you tuck them away somewhere and haven’t considered them for a long time?  It’s probably been a very long time since you have looked at those hopes and dreams. 

Now, I know you probably aren’t quite ready yet to believe it is possible to get those back but humor me for a minute. 

Consider them for a minute or two.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself as the person that you were before Hashi’s came in and stole your life.  Imaging yourself achieving your hopes and dreams. 

How did that feel? 

I don’t want you to focus on the sadness.  I want you to really let yourself feel what it would be like to be that person. 

Can you feel yourself in that place? 

If not, try harder.  Let yourself believe it for just a few minutes. 

K.  I want you to write down on a piece of paper exactly how you felt being her again.  All the good things about being yourself again. 

She isn’t a separate person. She is you.

And she is still inside of you.  She just needs a little help. 

And you can find her again.

Yes, it takes time, and work.  But is she worth it?  Are you worth it?

I think so. 

Once you have tapped into who you will be once you tackle your Hashi’s, it will drive you through the healing process. 

You deserve to find yourself again.  To have your quality of life back. 

Focus on that for a while and see where it can take you. 

Have a great rest of your week,


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