Why Does It Take So Long to Get A Diagnosis?

By Tracy Gowler 5 years ago
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How long did it take you to get a diagnosis? 

It is very likely that you have spent years in the doctor’s office looking for an answer to the litany of symptoms that you are experiencing.  The problem is that the symptoms, in and of themselves, make it really difficult to pinpoint a root cause.  And, the current medical system isn’t really set up to dive into root causes. They are really good at emergencies and symptom management.  The model does not support treating chronic illness.

Case in point – The current medical system treats Hashimoto’s exactly the same way they treat Hypothyroidim.   FYI, 95% of women diagnosed with hypothyroidism actually have Hashimoto’s according to Izabella Wentz, The Thyroid Pharmacist.  The medical community is treating them both the same, and they are missing the boat.  Autoimmune disease requires a very different approach.  If you are just treating the symptom, meaning the test results of the Thyroid test or the early stage symptoms of anxiety and depression, then the underlying mechanism is being missed and guess what, additional autoimmune diseases can develop if left ignored.

So, let me paint the picture differently.  There are many systems in the body.  You have a system for neural tissue health, one for endocrine health, one for immune regulation, one for detox, etc., etc.  And at the hub or center of all of these systems, you have your HPA axis and your hormones.  So basically, they are all connected through this hub.  When dysfunction within the body begins, it is quiet.  In the early stages your body can handle it for the most part through compensation. But over time the cells and organs within your body begin to morph and eventually they get to a point where disease sets in.

I haven’t even talked about symptoms yet.  So far, the majority of what your body is experiencing is quiet but eventually small symptoms will show up.  And if you don’t pay attention and do something, the symptoms will get more severe.  By the time the symptoms show up, the area where you are experiencing the symptoms might be far removed from where it all started.

Why is that?

Dysfunction in the body, wherever it might have started also kicks off inflammation which is a natural defense of your body to help resolve the dysfunction.  The inflammation, along with all of the unhealthy things you might be doing like poor food choices, stress, gluten, toxin exposure, etc. contribute to the deterioration of the lining of the gut.  And with the lining of the gut compromised, the immune system is constantly being activated, which also activated your adrenals, meaning you are in a constant state of fight or flight.  And I did say your HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) axes was at the center of the systems in the body.  Once your HPA axis has been affected, the dysfunction begins to move around to other systems.

Your symptoms are now traveling around your body and possibly morphing as the dysfunction moves making it very hard to pinpoint what is going on.  Making a diagnosis very difficult.  And testing may or may not show the dysfunction because the damage may not yet be enough to push your results out of range.  It does not mean, however, that the dysfunction isn’t progressing.  Of course, it is.  It just hasn’t gotten to a place yet that it is noticeable, or maybe the doctor hasn’t stumbled on the part of your body that is being attacked.  He is focusing on the symptoms so he can provide you relief.  It is hard.

Symptom treatment can offer some relief, but it is not helping to resolve the dysfunction and guess what?  It is going to continue traveling through the body until it is given a reason to stop.

At Your Health Made Simple we recognize that this method of approach isn’t going to get you to a better place.  Why?  Cause I’ve been there.  I spent years in the doctor’s office trying to figure it out without resolution.  I started my own healing journey 2 years before I even got my diagnosis.

How long was I searching for answers?  For at least 15 years actively searching for answers.  But my symptoms and issues started when I was 16.

What is the approach at Your Health Made Simple?

We take the Functional Medicine approach to healing.  We start by understanding that the body has the ability to heal itself.  We also understand the root cause may not always be possible, but healing is possible.

We begin by guiding the client through improvement of the 4 lifestyle factors needed for health.  Diet, Rest/Sleep, Exercise, and Stress Management.  All are equally important and if you are sick, you more than likely don’t have them right.  I hear a lot from people that I talk to that they eat right.  About 95% of them don’t.  We start with diet as it can be the most impactful and the most difficult, but necessary.

We also test. The tests we use give us a really good idea of the operation of your adrenals and your hormones because they are at the center of all the systems in your body.  They may need some help.  We evaluate liver function because we need your body to detox and process fats.  We also look at the level of oxidative stress in your body and your ability to digest protein.  All crucial to the operation of your body.  And again, if your body is struggling, it will need support.

And we look at your food sensitivities.  They are different than allergies and harder to determine.  If you are struggling with dysfunction then you very likely are struggling with food sensitivities.  They will need to be eliminated to help reduce the inflammation in your body.

The goal is to lower the inflammation and stop the immune response in the body.  In doing this, the body will begin to heal with the right support.  Sometimes, additional tests are required to determine what else might be triggering the attack and to decide what next steps are.

Is a Hashimoto’s diagnosis required to walk through the Your Health Made Simple program?

You may have all the symptoms and a complete lack of energy, and loss of your quality of life and not have a diagnosis.  The diagnosis is not required for you to follow the program and make improvements to the way you live healthy.  Why not jump on healing sooner rather than later.  The longer you take to make the change, the more layers have to heal and the longer it takes.

I have a couple of questions to ask you. 

With everything you have done already is it working?

If you wait another year or two, how will it affect your quality of life?  Do you like your current quality of life?

How has your life been impacted by being sick?  What are you missing out on?

It’s your life.  At some point you are going to have to stop and take care of you.  There is never a good time.  Make the first step a call with me.  Sign up for a Vitality Breakthrough Session.  Let’s talk about what is possible and what it is going to take.

If you are interested in a chat, email me at clientcare@yourhealthmadesimple.com and let’s talk about what is next for you.

Have a fabulous rest of your week.



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