Why is getting support with Hashis so hard ?

By Tracy Gowler 4 years ago
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I remember early on in my business meeting with a woman and her spouse.  It was heart breaking because it was a very extreme example of a woman not getting the support she needed from a spouse.  But it is also very common. Why is getting the support you need with Hashi’s so hard?

It is not a complicated answer. 

It is quite simple actually.  You don’t look sick.  It isn’t outwardly evident that you are fighting for your life on the inside.  And the medical community hasn’t found a reason for your struggles.  In many cases, the unsympathetic doctors are tired of seeing you and they may have finally resorted to telling you that it is all in your head. 

None of this supports your case with your loved ones. 

And if you have started searching for an alternative doctor or medical provider, the cost is no longer covered by insurance and now you are draining money using quacks to try to find an answer that clearly doesn’t exist. 

You may have been told you are lazy.  Or been given oodles of advice to fix your issues. 

The family that you have experienced as loving and caring is suddenly now looking at you as a crazy person.  Talking about you behind your back. 

And you are feeling like you are on an island with no help anywhere while you continue to sink deeper into the abyss. 

How many of you have or are living this nightmare? 

I want you to know that I completely understand, and I believe you.

What you are experiencing is real. 

And you are wondering how in the hell you are going to fight for your life without support?

Here’s what I learned during my healing journey. 

If you don’t have self-worth, you can’t expect them to have it for you either. 

You can waste your energy trying to get your family and friends to understand your struggles and support you, or you can take that energy and put it towards your healing. 

The energy you have available is precious and limited. 

You must choose wisely how you expend it. 

You will have to reach deep inside to find that strength to choose your quality of life and everything that it will take to have that back. 

You won’t find that strength if you are worried about convincing your people to believe you. 

What I want you to know is that you are worth it. 

You deserve to have quality of life, no matter what it takes. 

You are not a martyr for the people that aren’t supporting you. 

Shift your focus, find that strength and choose you. 

You are the most important thing right now. 

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